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BAND: Juventud Podrida
ALBUM: 1989 EP
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
May 03 2012

1989 was the year of the American invasion of Panama and, as to be expected, this album is full of pissed off social and political commentary; it's impossible not to listen to this and not feel the emotion these guys are trying to convey through their d-beat backed defiance.

Juventud Podrida (Rotten Youth) hail from the aforementioned Central American nation and their music is as crust as it comes; And though they have their own undeniable style, hints of Antisect, Skitsystem, Disrupt and Nausea still brutally crash through the speakers.

A light echoing reverb languidly pulls you into the first track "Viviendo en Depresión" (Living in Depression), but it doesn't take long until the song takes off with crushing growls and a tidal wave of sound; like a siren in some epic mythological tale, it beckons to you, drawing you to your doom, to dash your soul onto the rocks of the mosh pit.

I am anticipating "Los Demonios del Norte" and though I immediately know what that title is referencing (The Demons of The North), I couldn't help but consider that it would make a cool name for some crazy ass Mexican Norteño band...but my amusement from such a thought quickly drains away like the blood of an innocent Panamanian victim of "Operation Just Cause" as eerie music is broken by these words: "We walked among the dead and saw the tanks run over and crush our dead, we saw a great number of civilian cars with whole families inside; kids, women and the driver torn to pieces and crushed by the tanks..." before it explodes in justifiable rage...the horror of those days are pressed into the consciousness with each beat and snarl!

Wow! I am blown away, and have to sit back a moment to let it sink in, I can't help but play that track again before continuing on my journey with the next song "Muerte a la Industria Musical" (Death to the music industy), here there's a slight sludge vibe, slowly it picks up the tempo, hinting ever so slightly as to what's to come...I feel like somebody looking down at the blue and yellow wires of an IED, thumb and fingers of both hands incessantly rubbing against one another as sweat beads up on my brow...clock is ticking away. BOOM! The song takes off...and yes, I am blown away!

And finally "El Mito de Nuestra Existencia" (The Myth of Our Existence) steps to the plate with a nice metallic guitar riff intro and we're lifted yet again into the sweet d-beat spawned from harsh angst...I especially like the growling chorus and changes on this; the bass and guitar really give it a slight NYC HC feel to it...nice!

Keep an eye on these guys, 'cause I have a feeling they are going to be around for a very long time; viva los Panameños y los lideres de crust, Juventud Podrida!


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