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BAND: Jack
ALBUM: Inhumanus
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Rick
Feb 01 2013

This Hungarian band has been around since 1996 when they were a punk covers band, they decided to start writing and performing their own material and now we have this brutal chunk of music. This is some heavy, wild and brutal mix of hardcore, grind and crust that just is relentless in its ferocity.

As I don't understand Hungarian, I have no idea what the vocalist is saying, but even if I did, I still wouldn't understand anything that he's saying because he has super gutteral, throat shredding vocals on this album, how he holds up after an album of such power, I have no idea. His vocals add a lot of energy and help make this pretty heavy, the band plays some great hardcore / gind and you can hear the great job they did on these songs with some ripping guitar, drums that come at you like a freight train, and bass that has that rumble that you can feel inside your gut. The production is really well done, clear enough that the band shines, but still has the grit to keep things angry. The title track is an instrumental that is very atmospheric and a bit of something you would hear in a modern horror movie with its samples and the last track is also an instrumental that starts off like a grind song then turns into a trance techno song that through me for a loop...I didn't see that one coming at all!

This was a very cool album and the inclusion of the two instrumental songs really were interesting and showed their diversity. Here's their Facebook page, check in on them and see what's new. 


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