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BAND: Iron Claw
ALBUM: A Different Game
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jul 11 2011

Here at thrashhead, we give everyone a chance to be heard, and these guys deserve to be;  it is a very rare thing to hear an album from a reformed band that has spent decades apart which could be called their best..."A Different Game"  is one such album.

This disc is a bit of a break from their earlier album Dismorphobia, which was pretty heavy for its time and had a sound similar to Sabbath, and they are moving towards more of the southern fried sound school of rock with a bluesy twang.  And I have to tell you, it's blatantly obvious they have taken all their musical experience and rolled it up into an album which simply rocks. When you first hear this you will swear that these guys were raised in sawdust filled Texas Hill Country Honky Tonks; but they weren't, they hail from Scotland!

Though their music is more akin to the wave of hard rock which was the precursor to what we know now as heavy metal, it is without a doubt a formidable album for its genre.

The entire album reminds me of a cross between Blackfoot, Black Oak Arkansas and ZZ top (Tres Hombres era) but with a decidedly heavier Guitar.

Matter of fact, I came to that comparison because of Gordon Brown's vocal style is so similar to Rickey Medlocke (especially on that great ode to love, "Angel Woman") and James Mangrum, which is not to say he doesn't have  his own voice; he has the pipes to hold his own against any who'd want to take up the challenge.

Jimmy Ronnie coaxes his instrument into producing some exquisitely expressive sounds, it's the type of guitar playing you can't help but play a bit of air guitar to. Do I hear a dash of Jimmy Page on the track "Southern Sky"?  Yes, I believe I do!

On Bass, Alex Wilson, reminds me of Leon Wilkeson  and Ian McDougall could give Carmine Appice a run for his money .

Sometimes, it really doesn't do a band justice by comparing them to others, but in this field, a writer must try to describe to the reader what they are hearing in terms which the reader can quickly understand; Iron Claw  is Iron Claw.  So, in the name of "enlightening" our readership, I have found a track on YouTube from their current album...that'll give ya a no B.S. picture of what these guys are about.

If you dig the roots of heavy metal, 70's hard rock and Southern Rock, you will indeed enjoy listening to these experienced masters of Rock N Roll.

Iron Claw - What Love Left by Purplebox Productions

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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