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25 Jul 2011

“Punk is not a look, it’s an attitude”

“Punk is not a look, it’s an attitude”…Old School Colorado Punker Brian Morton chats…

19 Jul 2011


From Anarcho City to Austin Interview with Deadly Reign's Raygunn!

13 Jul 2011

Beer, Weed and Strippers! An Interview with Road Kill Carnivore

ThrashHead's Editor In Chief gives us a video interview with Road Kill Carnivore

27 Jun 2011

“That’s like if I had a RATT button on and said I was into metal!” - VERBAL ABUSE is the Real Deal! talks with Nicki Sicki of Verbal Abuse about the Vats, hard times…

18 Jun 2011

I’m a barber!-Interview with Dresden's Bitty

I’m a barber! On DRESDEN’s recent tour stop in Denver ThrashHead had the pleasure…

14 Jun 2011

ESKERA - Ska Punx is Crust

13 Jun 2011

SANCTIONS Soul Brothers Continue on in THETAN…

SANCTIONS were a hardcore punk band from Nashville that played dark hardcore in the…

07 Jun 2011

Still laying down the beats: Tim "Spit Stix" Leitch

Drummer Great Tim "Spit Stix" Leitch tells ThrashHead about the early scene and his…

30 May 2011

They Provoked the WAR // PLAGUE…
A Chat with Andy “Leffer” Lefton of WAR // PLAGUE

Thrashhead discusses music, Minneapolis and art with Andy "Leffer" Lefton of WAR//PLAGUE!

25 May 2011

RADIOACTIVE SUSHI FOREVER! A chat with hardcore legend Dave Dictor

Hardcore legend Dave Dictor talks with Thrash Head Mag about drugs, politics, taking…

24 May 2011

WHO AM I? – A chat with Spike Cassidy

Interview: D.R.I.
Spike Cassidy chats with our Josh Mosh about the beginning,…

22 May 2011

The AMERICAN SCREAM…A few words with Jeff Harp of the legendary FINAL CONFLICT

The early days, violence, art, family and the future: Jeff Harp lays it all down.

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