's Interviews Past And Present

30 Jan 2013

Army of Darkness-Interview with Søren Crawack of Impalers

ThrashHead catches up to Søren Crawack of Danish thrash outfit Impalers

28 Nov 2012

One Voice…A chat with Roger Miret from AGNOSTIC FRONT…

Josh Mosh sits down and chats with the legend himself...

27 Nov 2012

Progressive metal, concept albums: Brett Windnagle of Lascaille's Shroud

Florida’s Lascaille’s Shroud is a unique entity. While one-man projects might be…

26 Nov 2012

Words From Seattle: Wes Talks To Jeremy And Shaun Of Broken Hope

Wes is on a mission to see Obituary and Broken Hope in Seattle...this is the second…

14 Nov 2012

You're Cut Off! A Talk With Tony Foresta During Hurricane Sandy!

Dan Harrington of Patac Records and Corey Bing catch up with Tony of Municipal Waste…

17 Oct 2012

Drunk Couples and Triple A: An Interview With the RVA's Humungus

Hailing from one of America's great music cities, Richmond Virginia, Humungus have…

08 Oct 2012

Hear His Distant Scream: A Conversation With The Legendary Dave Chandler Of Saint Vitus

Wes talks with the legendary guitarist of Saint Vitus; Dave Chandler

27 Sep 2012

Memories Remain: Q & A with Donald Tardy of OBITUARY and Metal Meowlisha

Our own Wes is sent on assignment to Seattle and catches up with Donald Tardy of…

16 Sep 2012

My voice will be heard: a conversation with Chuck Billy of Testament

Testament is on tour with Anthrax and Death Angel and catches up to…

06 Sep 2012

Accelerating Universe: An Interview With VEKTOR

Wes catches up with Vektor on the road in Portland

25 Aug 2012

Soaked In Hell: an interview with Mutant Supremacy

Brooklyn's own Mutant Supremacy have been quietly building a reputation as one of…

19 Aug 2012

Ruthless Forward Motion-a moment of enlightenment with John Joseph

You know, I had a long eloquent introduction all ready to go, but I've decided to…

09 Aug 2012

I promised I would not tell of the games you play-Interview With Tooth of Natur

ThrashHead catches up with Tooth from Natur following the release of Head of Death

01 Jul 2012

UH! An Interview with Rasha and Dog of Violentor

ThrashHead interviews Italian d-beat metalheads Violentor!

11 May 2012

Total War: John Kevill Of Warbringer Speaks From The Front Lines

Warbringer is on tour with Destruction and John Kevill takes a few moments to talk…

08 May 2012

"Satanic Royalty" - An Interview With Jamie Walters aka Athenar of MIDNIGHT

Wes gets to talk with Jamie Walter aka Athenar of Midnight

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