's Interviews Past And Present

29 Mar 2015

Shreds Not Dead with Jonny Nesta of Skull Fist

Anyone who is a fan of heavy metal, knows who Skull Fist is. Hailing from the great…

06 Feb 2015

Still Barnesing It: Tas Pappas

Not too long ago the much celebrated documentary "All This Mayhem" was released,…

12 Oct 2014

I Am Revolution- Søren Crawack Of Impalers

ThrashHead catches up to Søren of Danish Thrash Metal outfit Impalers on the eve…

11 Oct 2014

Looking To The Sky-Interview With Documentarian Michael J. Murphy

I, for one, have always been a tad bit incredulous when it came to the topic of chemtrails,…

23 Jul 2014

In The Smuggler's Den With Doperunner

Not so long ago I introduced a couple of reviews for DOPERUNNER to you guys and touched…

24 Apr 2014

Straight from the core-Interview with Exmortus' Mario Moreno

Heavy metal having reached its commercial zenith almost 40 years ago, it’s often…

25 Jan 2014

Sons Of The Soil-Interview With C.F.A.'s Cody Foster

ThrashHead catches up to Tacoma local and C.F.A. bassist Cody Foster

30 Sep 2013

As They Fulfill Their Long Awaited Dream: Death Angel's Mark Osegueda

Death Angel has overcome many obstacles placed before them, only to emerge miraculously…

18 May 2013

Nitebreaker-Chilling With Cauldron

Dave interviews our metal brothers from the north Cauldron!

17 Apr 2013

Insomnia in Sarajevo with Sharan of Motherpig

ThrashHead gets a chance to sit down with the founder of one of the best bands in…

28 Mar 2013

Of Empires and Gods-Interview with Josh Mortensen of Vacant Throne

ThrashHead talks with Josh Mortensen of Denver Power Metal masters Vacant Throne

01 Mar 2013

Interview With A Lifer: Steve Riley of L.A. Guns

ThrashHead catches up with drummer great Steve Riley

20 Feb 2013

A True Heretic-Interview with Glenn Rogers.

ThrashHead sits down and speaks with guitarist Glenn Rogers of Heretic

15 Feb 2013

Into The Fire: Interview with Joakim Brodén and Chris Rörland of Sabaton

Dave Wright sits down with Swedish Power Metal legends Sabaton!

12 Feb 2013

Cloven Lady-Interview With Hessian

ThrashHead interviews one of the finest bands in the metal underground, so saith…

30 Jan 2013

Rising Up And Hitting The Road: Chuck Billy of Testament Part Deux

The day before the tour kicks off we get to talk to Chuck Billy of Testament, 'nuff…

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