's Interviews Past And Present

12 Oct 2014

I Am Revolution- Søren Crawack Of Impalers

ThrashHead catches up to Søren of Danish Thrash Metal outfit Impalers on the eve…

11 Oct 2014

Looking To The Sky-Interview With Documentarian Michael J. Murphy

I, for one, have always been a tad bit incredulous when it came to the topic of chemtrails,…

23 Jul 2014

In The Smuggler's Den With Doperunner

Not so long ago I introduced a couple of reviews for DOPERUNNER to you guys and touched…

24 Apr 2014

Straight from the core-Interview with Exmortus' Mario Moreno

Heavy metal having reached its commercial zenith almost 40 years ago, it’s often…

25 Jan 2014

Sons Of The Soil-Interview With C.F.A.'s Cody Foster

ThrashHead catches up to Tacoma local and C.F.A. bassist Cody Foster

30 Sep 2013

As They Fulfill Their Long Awaited Dream: Death Angel's Mark Osegueda

Death Angel has overcome many obstacles placed before them, only to emerge miraculously…

18 May 2013

Nitebreaker-Chilling With Cauldron

Dave interviews our metal brothers from the north Cauldron!

17 Apr 2013

Insomnia in Sarajevo with Sharan of Motherpig

ThrashHead gets a chance to sit down with the founder of one of the best bands in…

28 Mar 2013

Of Empires and Gods-Interview with Josh Mortensen of Vacant Throne

ThrashHead talks with Josh Mortensen of Denver Power Metal masters Vacant Throne

01 Mar 2013

Interview With A Lifer: Steve Riley of L.A. Guns

ThrashHead catches up with drummer great Steve Riley

20 Feb 2013

A True Heretic-Interview with Glenn Rogers.

ThrashHead sits down and speaks with guitarist Glenn Rogers of Heretic

15 Feb 2013

Into The Fire: Interview with Joakim Brodén and Chris Rörland of Sabaton

Dave Wright sits down with Swedish Power Metal legends Sabaton!

12 Feb 2013

Cloven Lady-Interview With Hessian

ThrashHead interviews one of the finest bands in the metal underground, so saith…

30 Jan 2013

Rising Up And Hitting The Road: Chuck Billy of Testament Part Deux

The day before the tour kicks off we get to talk to Chuck Billy of Testament, 'nuff…

30 Jan 2013

Army of Darkness-Interview with Søren Crawack of Impalers

ThrashHead catches up to Søren Crawack of Danish thrash outfit Impalers

28 Nov 2012

One Voice…A chat with Roger Miret from AGNOSTIC FRONT…

Josh Mosh sits down and chats with the legend himself...

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