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ALBUM: Split 7"
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Attucks
Aug 11 2011

Six songs of fast for your face to feast on. To me, six songs seems like a lot for a single side of a seven inch played on 45 but I bet these Massachusetts natives could have jammed another one or two in there if they wanted.

Sort of a grind or even a power violence vibe at times but definitely hardcore all the time. Fast as fuck all up in your face until it finally calms a little on the last song. The song 'Hate Your Face' just has the lyric "hate your face" repeated over and over thus living up to the band's name. Short, and aggressive. No fucking around, in and out. Wild high pitched, screechy vocals stretch across ultra distorted, blazing fast riffs to create a vortex of calamity, that is only complimented by their speed. I actually played this side on 33 and it sounded cool as well! At first I wasn't sure which speed to jam it on.

This review could have gone either way! Some of the songs have a unique structure where others just blast on through. This side of the 7 brings to mind old fastcore stuff like a more distorted, blown out INTENSE DEGREE maybe. INSULT have been around since 92' and are mad about it. They have a good aggressive recording, it plays loud!

RAMPANT DECAY blast beats right out of the gates on there side of the coin. These guys songs are a little bit longer than their counterparts. 3 songs of metal influenced crossover with a touch of grind. Some songs like ' I Wish All My Friends Were Dead' are just straight bad ass punk tunes with crazy guttural belches cascaded over top. A crustier Agnostic Front is a good way to put it. If you like your punk rock with a lot of metal influence, and I do, then this will stoke you out for sure.

Their cover might not stoke you out so much, it's a little silly, but the band is pretty jamming. Plus I think a couple of these guys were professional wrestlers. They are from R.I., big and bald. Makes sense to me!

There are no lyrics for either group in the sleeve. R.D.'s recording is little less raw and aggressive than Insults but both sides sound good together. Some split sevens can sound a little lopsided but not this one, good match. This split grew on me over a few listens. Pretty decent.

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