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BAND: Insane
ALBUM: Death Race
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Josh Mosh
Jan 31 2012

The thing that struck me right away was that there seemed to be a strong crossover influence if not only in the simplicity of the arrangements and the laid back vocal. It's the vocal that I really dig on, it reminds me of late 80's punk/metal crossover and of EXCEL in particular or even HELLBASTARD. This crossover sound, even if not entirely intentional is what is really keeping me interested throughout this 3 song EP. The gang choruses add to this and get my fist in the air every fucking time! \m/

Let me set the record (or CD in this case) straight by saying that simplicity is not a bad thing. Bands often get lost in the own technical ability or lack thereof and fuck up their whole deal. INSANE play it sane and stay within their boundaries focusing on their collective goal of thrashing. A straight and simple, no frills thrash-a-thon.

The production is a little lo-fi, again something that adds to the punkness of this release. A brighter production might actually take away from the energy that fuels these young Swedes.

Overall this is a decent effort and they are certainly a band worth keeping your ears open for. As the thrash revival looks for ways to keep itself relevant it will be interesting to see how INSANE moves with the ebbs and flows of the scene and what they do next to stay in the game and push themselves to new and unexplored levels.

Where is their clown posse? Cuz these dudes are fricken' INSANE! Sorry,...had to do it...

INSANE - Dead & Alive ("Death Race" EP) by insaneswedenofficial

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