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BAND: In Defence
ALBUM: Party Lines and Politics 12” LP
YEAR: 201
Written By: Val Landrum
Nov 08 2011

Circle Pit! These dudes fucking rule! These guys have it all man. Super-solid songs that mix killer chunky thrash with metal and hardcore punk. Its like hearing crossover for the first time again. And the lyrics aren't slacking either by mixing a good sense of humor to make a serious statement. They pull that off perfectly without ever becoming cheesy the way some of the original thrash outfits did.

Chugging guitars shred their way thru the riffs on all these songs. The leads are tight and fun. The bass is plunky and raw. The pounding drums are perfect. There is a lot of variety to the songs on this too. You can tell there is some real talented playing here, and the songs are really well crafted.

The blending of humor with barbed and smart lyrics is a hard thing to do and not have it come out goofy but Ben clearly shows his talent for using funny situations to highlight social and political issues. Songs like "Corporate Bailout" and "Democracy High-Five" are perfect examples of what I mean. Funny but razor sharp.

There are also some songs here that are just good fun like "Moshelle" which features my hometown DIY venue the Blast-o-Mat and a girl that will take you out if you start acting like a douche. There are some fucking awesome gang chant choruses too that make you want to pump your fist in the air and shout along too.

This is what all crossover should strive for. Killer musicianship, Killer Songs, Killer Lyrics. Killer Delivery. All on puke colored vinyl from Profane Existence.

The Twin Cities are lucky to have these guys. They were simply perfect when I saw them live recently. Super nice guys that came to town for one lay down the raddest thrash possible. They do just that with this too. CRUCIAL!

In Defence - Don't Call Me a Moshist by callmoredudes

In Defence- The Police are Fucking Rad by achokingV

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