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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Sep 06 2011 a social network for social misfits

It took awhile of intense coding and pulling out of hair, but our new social network has arrived!

Bringing in the best of more well known networks, was created with privacy in mind, it's a website where you can post and share your favorite videos, images and ideas but without the same privacy concerns of other networks.

Members can not only interact with one another but they are also given the power to invite others to sign up. Right now, to make things simple, you can sign up as you would on any other site, but in a week's time this feature will be disabled and those who are "inside" the site are the only ones responsible for bringing in new people.

Essentially the first members are the "seed" group, they learn the ins and outs of the site, and when they have ready, they can go ahead and invite others to join. Once the site is in lockdown form open registration, people can still "ask" for an invite by contacting us.

This accomplishes two things: first, it help keep the spam demons at bay and two: it creates a community solidly built around friendships.

At InDaPit, users can also create groups for their particular interests, reference documents and forum topics for those groups! It doesn't have to be just about hardcore punk and heavy metal, it can be on anything, from teaching others how to grow their own fruits and vegetables to creating digital artwork!

You can embed music directly into your profile, chat with your friends, share posts to other social networks, there really is a lot you can do.

This isn't meant to be just another "hellz yeah \m/" rock community, it's about using music as the reason for bringing a variety of folks from all walks of life together to interact, teach, learn and have a blast! As with, it's pure DIY!

On a side note, the mobile version of the site doesn't have as many features as the main site, but it works, also the site does NOT support ancient browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and only basic support for IE7. Sorry folks, it's a new world out there you need to get a real browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or even just upgrade IE to 8 and even better, 9.

Whatchya waiting for? Why not run on over and jump into da pit!

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