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BAND: In Defence
ALBUM: Into The Sewer
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Sophia
Feb 07 2013

in defence into the sewer lp plus 2 7"s album cover

Overall: Driving, forceful, tight. Nice production values, more appreciable on a system with decent-sized speakers (NO LISTENING ON A LAPTOP, YA PUTZ!) That effort to record something listenable doesn't automatically make this glossy or overly produced, it's what mastering tracks should be about-making it actually sound like a band live! Listen to all the way through, skipping around is futile. Made like an old-school album, you're supposed to experience it in the order the people that made the music want you to. Call More Dudes Part 3, like Part I and II, will be a crowd pleaser. Nice interplay of speed and vocal variety. "Minor Threat" cover - I like Devo too.

Lyrical content: sometimes pretty funny (a la "Do you need a hug?" on 'Rock Against Guyliner') but always pissed. Feeling alienated within a scene that usually feels like home, or at least sensing a threat to it. "Can't circle pit to a disc jockey" might be one of the best and truest lines I've heard in the past six months.

Vocals: Shout-alongs, rough. "The Only Good Thing About Pizza Is The Crust" might be my favorite, because it takes the piss out of D-Beat clone bands (Shut up, I love Wolfbrigade), but also we were eating pizza when it came on.

Guitars: All over the place, thrash tone without the need for 800 chords in one riff. "Total Filler No Killer" reminds more of earlier albums, not just in speed but in the guitar dynamics that fluctuate between crunchy and epically clean.

Rhythm Dynamics: Nice change-ups on "Straightedge Hangover" w/ interplay between drums and bass. Everyone's keeping up with the drums like a madman on "Wish You Weren't Here" which isn't a bad thing, that's one driving ass tune.


Record label from Oakland, CA. Home of CANNABIS CORPSE, GHOUL, DIRECT CONTROL, KICKING SPIT, and many more.
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