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BAND: In Defence
ALBUM: Don't Know How To Breakdance
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Josh Mosh
Jan 24 2012

Here we have ourselves the vinyl re-issue of IN DEFENCE's incredible first studio album. I've had the CD for some time and it is always in high rotation at the ol' homestead. To the point even, that my kids know the words and sing along, they even request it by name. The other day my son and I (he's 4) were sitting down to eat and he was singing "Fight, Fight, Fight...aint no wars but Star Wars!". Hell yeah the little dude rocks.

The album is the perfect blend of crossover thrash-punk with nice riffs and memorable sing along songs. If it was 1987 this band would be fuckin' huge touring with DRI, EXCEL and the like. Every track on this album is a keeper, you cant help but to flip your hat bill up and start skanin' around the room. All bitchen, no shit!

Ben's lyrics are always right on the money injecting healthy doses of humor into his political and social commentary. Every song is like a political cartoon set to some serious taco fuled thrash-core. Learn shit while you're moshing...Fuck yeah!

Again, this is the repress and the bonus here is you get the IN DEFENCE tracks from their split with BLACK MARKET FETUS. More mosh for your money!

And one thing that really helps a band and goes a long way in my book is there nature or demeanor. And with that IN DEFENCE are a super nice bunch of dudes and Ben Defence is one of the friendliest dudes you will ever meet. And that's the truth Ruth!

This is simply essential listening. There is a ton of second rate crossover stuff happening these days and then there are the bands that have it down and are putting out quality shit. IN DEFENCE clearly falls in the latter category and need to be recognized for how thrashfuckingtastic they are! Word!

In Defence ~ No War But Star Wars by MattRockSteady

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