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BAND: Imperial Leather
ALBUM: Do You Know Where Your Children Are? 12”
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Attucks
Feb 28 2012

The triumphant return of Sweden's Imperial Leather to my record player! The first thing I noticed right off the bat is the grittier edge over the whole record. Not just production wise but musically speaking. They seem to have lost any trace of a poppy edge, which wasn't overly prevalent anyways.

I liked the previous 7 inch records that I had gotten to hear but this smokes them all. Every song has a hook to it. That is nearly impossible to do. I enjoyed their other stuff but none of it has got the play that this one has. I swear it reminds me of a dirtier Damned if Anna Joy from Blatz was singing. From "Weeeee go through life" to the last "its four o clock" this record is punk rock and roll at its finest. Amyl's guttural howls backed up by Kenko's yells hits some kind of nerve with me. They make me want to read along to the record. The socio-political lyrics aren't the only catchy thing about the songs though. Great guitar work highlighted by a few ripping rock solos and dancing bass lines really round this off and make it an easy listen. Cool marbled vinyl and lyric sheet make it a complete package.

Some might remember Amyl from the Spider Cunts and other members from such bands as Dischange, Bruce Banner and DS-13 but they have been playing, touring and recording as Imperial Leather since 2000. You can tell by the 10 songs on this piece of was that these folks are very comfortable playing together. I remember when they came to Colorado and they played in my little warehouse. If a band acts like a bunch of dicks in my house, I won't support them anymore. A bands attitude has a lot to do with it for me and these guys were cool as hell and they put on a great show. It makes me happy to hear good punk rock come from good people. I can't wait until they come back and grace my state with their presence again.

IMPERIAL LEATHER live x 3 at Umeå Open by BustedHeads

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