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BAND: Impatience
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Attucks
Sep 14 2011

One thing I am stoked on is the return of tapes. I have always been a tape collector so for me it is rad to see record labels putting tapes out again, especially if your car has a tape deck in it.

Sacred Plague Records has been putting some cool bands out and this is another one. IMPATIENCE is the name that graces the paper foldout cover of this cassette. Hardcore punk rock as hell! Ultra aggressive songs that afford no breaks in the flow of the music. There is even a few double bass explosions and an occasional blast beat. Holy fucking throat polyps. I swear the vocalist had to have popped something in his throat. Just absolutely brutal yelling. You can really hear the energy he is putting into it.

This is some brain melting, fast hardcore. That simple. No pretty parts or climaxes, just straight foreword in your fucking face without becoming fastcore or crusty. There are a few cool breakdowns that sparsely dot the terrain and they sometimes can reminiscent of DROPDEAD or maybe even a pinch of TRAGEDY.

These Milwaukee natives throw it the fuck down. They seem to be a super group made up of guys from a lot of different bands such as TODAY IS THE DAY, PROTESTANT and about a million other bands.

The guitar and bass are loud as hell but the bass drum seems to be drowned out a little, the double bass parts are a buried but that doesn't take away from the overall shredding.

My only criticism, really, is all the songs start to sound the same. There isn't any hook in the songs. The tunes still seem to blend together even after listening to this multiple times, including jamming it while I'm in the shower.

There is no information about the band on the tape at all. Just a scary picture of a face on the inside cover and the words "never any peace. " It does come with a extra insert that has all the lyrics and the members names though. The lyrics seem to be about how society personally affects you. Covering current issues like H1N1 or to just how we need to wake the fuck up to the way we are being controlled and used. With four songs to a side this is a good playable tape and I will continue to let it wake me the fuck up and get me going during my morning showers.

Record label from Oakland, CA. Home of CANNABIS CORPSE, GHOUL, DIRECT CONTROL, KICKING SPIT, and many more.
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