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BAND: Impalers
ALBUM: A Necesary Evil Demo EP
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Rene
Mar 26 2012

This is the shyte! Teutonic style is back and Danish metal is about to be returned to its rightful place on the heavy metal map! Of course, Denmark is hailed as being the home of our beloved Mercyful Fate and some sick thrash metal from the likes of Artillery and the newer school Hatesphere. But, in recent years Danish metal has been synonymous with the likes of Volbeat, and Impalers is one band which will firmly crush any doubters who believe Denmark no longer continues to produce some seriously heavy and aggressive pureblood thrash!

The vocal style of the singer reminds me of young Tom Angelripper, that guttural "ahhharggh"! You know what I am talking about...just pure Germanic style of mind numbing aggressiveness! The guitar is sublime crunch, the hallmark of any decent thrash, and even more enhanced by the slight delay as it comes through the amp, just like the classic demos of old!! The leads on this are phenomenal, there is a finesse to the fingers which harkens to the best of this genre, and at times, adds a bouquet of NWOBHM between the awesome punishing of the drums.

All four tracks are simply killer; opening up with "Power Behind the Throne" you are immediately swept up by its call to start headbanging. Now, I could go on and on with comparisons to the likes of Kreator or Destruction, but I won't. Impalers have made it clear they play metal in their own style. But, as is the case with all the great new wave of thrash bands out there, this album can't be classified into simply a "Teutonic" or "Bay" school and, even though you can hear both influences loud and clear, it's with Impalers' unique touch!

The next track "Nuclear Nights" is where the guitars really hit the spot! I dare anyone to listen to it and not feel the irresistible urge to fling their heads about! Warning: If you're an old phuck like me, you had best have some insurance 'cause you may just find yourself in the ER with a slipped disk or some sort of brain trauma! Hell, that may just go for you young guns as well!

Next up is "See what I see"; I love the change on the song, it slows down to a rhythm which you just know allows everyone at an Impalers show to prepare themselves for an insane pit which is most assuredly as painful as it is fun!

And finally, "Death in Fire" (see below), ahhhh yeah...the guitar intro into this track and the hooks are simply sick!! Hard driving and incredibly tight, it is the perfect close to this wonderful EP which is chock full of thrash mayhem galore!

Unfortunately these dudes may be too damned awesome for their own good, this album is sold out!! But, don't fret , I've included a link to their Facebook page, go on over there, throw them a like and keep your ears peeled 'cause they may just press a few more or maybe they'll put it up somewhere for you to grab the digital album! But....and this is good news, it seems there is also an LP in the works, so you will definitely want to hang out with them so as to get it once it hits...I guarantee you won't be happy if you show up too late and find out yet another Impalers album has been sucked up by their legions of fans!!
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