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Written By: Rene
Oct 17 2012

Humungus Live!

Hailing from one of America's great music cities, Richmond Virginia, Humungus have really made an impact with their not holds barred heavy fuckin' metal!

After working on a couple of EPs they are gearing up to unleash their first LP! Keep a close eye on these guys, because who knows, maybe one day you'll have to beatdown a scalper in a back alley just to get into one of their shows.

ThrashHead: When did music really take hold of you? How old were you before you began to collect albums, what were some of your favorites?

Peyton Gregory: I was about 12 years old when I started really started getting into music, since then two of my favorite albums would have to be Megadeth: Rust in Peace and Death: Human

Robby Scarce: It wasn't until I was around 14 or 15 that I started caring about music, and as many others...it started with Ramones, Misfits, and a splash of gangsta rap as well as a plethora of random, weird stuff. Mainly stuff I first heard on Beavis and Butthead.

Zach O'Carroll: I was 14 when I started playing music. Testament was always one of my favorites and recently I've been really into Wasp.

ThrashHead: RVA has always been known for its underground punk and metal scene, did you grow up there? If so, what was it like and who were some of the other local bands which got your blood pumping before you formed your own outfit?

Peyton Gregory: I'm from Virginia Beach about an hour away from Richmond. Before I moved here 4 years ago I would always be pretty stoked when Battlemaster or Engage would play in Virginia Beach.

Robby Scarce: I moved to Richmond from Danville, VA in 2007 mainly to join a band and because the metal scene in Richmond rules and it is home to some of my favorite bands such as Gwar, Battlemaster, Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, etc.

Zach O'Carroll: I was born in Richmond and grew up here. There has always been at least one really good venue as far as I know. There was Nanci Raygun back when i was really young. That closed and then shows started happening at a small sushi bar called Nara Sushi. Some of the craziest shows I've ever been to happened there. Now there is Strange Matter(formerly Nanci Raygun) which is where we usually play. Battle Master was always my favorite band to see.

ThrashHead: A lot of folks who have never lived in the area think of Richmond as being an integral part of the "Bible Belt", and assume it would be a hostile environment for self-expression, but its music scene is as complex as any other such as the bay, New York or L.A., why do you think that is?

Peyton Gregory: no comment.

Zach O'Carroll: I think VCU is the main reason for it. I believe it is the number one art college in the country now and growing so it brings in hundreds of new kids every year. As far as being part of the bible belt, I'd say that's not true. Richmond is very liberal.

ThrashHead: You guys get together in 2010, and you go about unleashing some straight up, in your face, thrash. How did Humungus all come together? Where you already in bands before Humungus?

Peyton Gregory: We were all in other bands before Humungus formed. I was and still play guitar and
sing in a band call Ice Fortress. Zach found a video of me playing guitar on YouTube and asked if I would
join the band.

Robby Scarce: Shortly after I moved to Richmond, I was followed by one of my best friends, Jack Bauer,
of whom fronted our pirate themed band from Danville, Craptain Jack and the Shmees. We (Craptain Jack and the Shmees) were playing a few shows around Richmond and Ian was actually filling in on guitar at that point. Ian and I had started another thrash band called Slampiece at that time also.

Ian had moved in with a couple of girls and it turned out that one of the girls was dating a guy named Zach. That guy turned out to be the infamous Zachary O' Carroll. So that friendship formed and I met Zach when he came to a Craptain Jack show in Richmond and surprisingly he liked it! Haha. Not too long after we were jamming together and that's that..

Zach O'Carroll: I was in a few other bands before Humungus. I had always wanted to start a Thrash band since I was in High school. The other bands I was in were starting to stagnate so I decided I'd start my own band and start touring.

ThrashHead: What exactly drew you guys to the high pitch vocals and crunch of speed/thrash metal? Humungus' tunes have a very oldschool, pure sound to them, even more so than some other notable RVA neo-thrash bands out there.

Peyton Gregory: Well, falsettos and fast crunchy riffs kick ass and that's what we all enjoy playing.

Robby Scarce: I'm old as crap so I still like old sounding stuff because I'm set in my ways

Zach O'Carroll: I just love 80s metal. It has more attitude than anything else and it just strikes that chord with me.

ThrashHead: You guys, over the summer, had a 14 date tour where you hit the south pretty hard from, Tennessee to the Big Easy. How did that go for you? Any stories you'd like to tell?

Peyton Gregory: ha,ha,ha oh man, it went well and everyone seemed to enjoy it. There will be a "behind the scenes" tour video coming out soon. I'm still editing the hours of footage we have.

Robby Scarce: It was a roller coaster of emotions..ha,ha; not really, but several shows were "major ragers" and then a couple shows were not so much. One in particular was us playing to an old drunk couple in Birmingham who asked us to play Cheap Trick's "surrender" instead of our originals. But all in all, tour went really well, especially for a new band's first 2 weeks out!

Zach O'Carroll: Well, in New Orleans we lost our van keys and had to get new ones made, AAA is a life saver. Basically we had way too much fun on Bourbon St. The whole tour was awesome. We really only had one show that sucked (Birmingham) but we met some cool dudes in a band called Admirals and all in all it was a great time.

ThrashHead: If you could make your dream tour come true, who would be some of the contemporary bands you'd like to tour with? And where would you like to go?

Zach O'Carroll: We are down to tour with anyone, so far we've only been out by ourselves. I think it would be cool to do a tour with Ramming Speed, speed thrash from Boston. Super cool dudes.

ThrashHead: What can fans expect from going to a Humungus show?

Peyton Gregory: Awesome drunkenness.

Zach O'Carroll: A whole lot of energy

ThrashHead: What is the craziest thing you ever witnessed at a show, either with Humungus or before you became a musician?

Peyton Gregory: We saw a dude drink a whole 40oz full of piss once, but that was at an after show party

Zach O'Carroll: A dude crowd surfing in a 6 ft high basement. we played a house show and filmed it for a music video. I looked up and saw a dude smashed between people's heads and the ceiling. We recently played a show with Skeleton Witch and Havok when they came through Richmond. People were running down the bar and jumping off into the crowd.

ThrashHead: Now that you have a couple years underneath your belt, what's your impression of living the life of a musician? I mean, there is the good such as the adoration from fans and the bad, such I heard recently that someone stole all the money out of your merch cashbox?

Robby Scarce: Yea about $100 stolen out of our merch box in our hometown! But yea...money is the only bad for me, affording to be out of work and go on tour is a struggle!

Zach O'Carroll: I love everything about, I really like the traveling aspect.

ThrashHead: You have released a few tracks "Drinkin' a Beer", "Martial Law", "Ghost With A Gun", "Dog Soldier" and a cover of Anthrax's "Deathrider", when do you think these will hit on an EP? Are you working on newer material now to put a full length out?

Peyton Gregory: We have a 7 inch coming out with a new song called "Shark Castle", it's about sharks and castles... On the other side we have a new version of "Drinkin a Beer" and that's officially coming out November 20th. We are currently working on material for a full length

ThrashHead: Any words for those just getting to know about Humungus? Where can folks go to show their support?

Peyton Gregory: go like us on facebook and you can get merch off of our official website


Resistant Culture is the development of extreme and tribal music that has weaved the indigenous flute, rattle, tribal drum, and chant into an organic and flowing tapestry with contemporary punk and metal.
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