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BAND: Hot Graves
ALBUM: Desecration Time 7”
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Jul 14 2011

Right out of the gates we are attacked with a metallic d-beat assault.  The haunted, gruff vocals remind me of the dude from SANCTUM.

HOT GRAVES subscribes to the looser d-beat punk side of the crust-metal sub-genre and tastefully adds some blast beats in here and there bringing to mind a slight Black Metal influence.  Really this is not far from what Joel was doing with early TOXIC HOLOCAUST.

This 3 song 7" concludes with a ripping cover of the ANTI-CIMEX song 'Make My Day' which seems very fitting for these dudes.

The mix is raw and punk as fuck while being strong enough to rise above demo quality.  All in this why punk 7"s still rule!  They get the job done without boring the listener.  Always leave them wanting more...

I am sure these dudes like AMEBIX and VENOM.  I love this shit and it never gets old to me.  Excitingly this is just a taste of the brutal, onslaught they plan on delivering later this year.  Keep your eyes out for LP on Grey Haze Records.

Hot Graves - Desecration Time by hotgraves

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