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BAND: Hot Graves/Whitehorse
ALBUM: Split 7"
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Aug 12 2012

hot graves whitehorse split cover art

This is, to put it simply, a killer little album; blackened metalpunx Hot Graves whose critically well received "Knights In White Phosphorous" really blew my mind, has just unleashed this bad boy along with the noise-sludge masters from down-under; Whitehorse!

Indeed, this album is for anyone who digs the extreme; it features two tracks from Hot Graves, The hyper intense "This Is For You" and "MetalBlaster" as well as one track, "Blood Sick", from the Aussies.

"This Is For You" is sick, employing the use of a catchy riff backed by blast beat excellence. The song really shows that Hot Graves is refining their craft as a band, combining some killer riffs and even a groovy Cro-Mags like change (the beat is insane!) towards the end which will have you kicking up your feet before diving off the stage.

"Metal Blaster" follows it up with the killer metalpunk style which Hot Graves is supreme lords of. It makes you want to throw your elbows in every direction as if you just got an infusion of the "Rage" virus injected into your bloodstream and are about to unleash on some crazed, uber-violence fed moshing...good stuff!

Finally the album comes in with Whitehorse's unique sludge, down tuned and as heavy as a horde of orcs after feasting on a dozen plump Halflings, the song takes your spirit into another direction with industrial strength growls and some eerie shrieking about halfway through, dark, evil...plain gnarly, an absolute must hear for those folks who didn't catch 'em at Chaos In Tejas when they were on their U.S. tour this year and are into some serious toxic sludge.

All in all an awesome fuckin' album, definitely worth your time to score so as to support both of these bands...remember, if you don't buy, DIY bands can't create. Did I mention you can get it on vinyl too? The cover is fucking awesome, with a zombie horse going to war with battle kitten! Kudos goes to Glenno for the work!

Resistant Culture is the development of extreme and tribal music that has weaved the indigenous flute, rattle, tribal drum, and chant into an organic and flowing tapestry with contemporary punk and metal.
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