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BAND: Homicide
ALBUM: O Que O Cerca Está Morto
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Fish
Sep 24 2012

Homicide cover art

A new brutal force in death grind has emerged from the land of guerrilla hardcore.  São José, Santa Catarina, Brazil is the home to HOMICIDE, a three piece act of furious vengeance upon the ears of the unwary.  With only a 4-way split cassette and a demo CD under their belts previously, "O Que O Cerca Está Morto" will be the first full-length release for HOMICIDE, and what an awesome account of this band's ability this is!!  No joke, these guys fucking slay it!!

Marlon (Drums), Diego (Guitar/vocals) and Sommer (Bass/vocals) deliver a fast paced, white-knuckle ride of venomous compositions through and through here, all sung in Portuguese and driven directly through the fire.  "Anti-Humano" was the first track I opened up.....40 seconds of pure in your face attack, as these guys rapidly prove they are more than capable of delivering!  "É Tudo Sobre a Informação" proves itself to be just as intense, as do all 18 tracks on this exceptionally produced album!  I could carry on individually about tracks like "Religião Pra Quê?" or "Regressão Fatal",but HOMICIDE punches each and every track out with the same amazing intent as itsnpredecessor, leaving nothing on "O Que O Cerca Está Morto" to fall short of being an album well desired to be added to the archives of any collector's wall.  I know it will be added to mine.

Homicide band pic

Cristiano Maffra (Bandanos/Necromaster) and Thiago Nascimento (D.E.R.) also provide guest vocals on "A Lei Da Obrigação".   They even throw in a cover of Napalm Death's "Right You Are" for good measure, and are even working on a vinyl release.

Due for release in Brazil this November on 5 labels (DëtËstö Records, Cianeto Discos, Carnificina Records, Terceiro Mundo Chaos Discos and Moriguti Records), "O Que O Cerca Está Morto" can be found by contacting HOMICIDE on their blog page. They can also be followed on Facebook and ReverbNation for future track and tour information.


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