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BAND: Hiding Inside Victims / Suicide State
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Rick
Apr 22 2013

This five song split features Hiding Inside Victims, a crust/hardcore punk band from the Los Angeles / Ventura County California area that began late 2008 with home recordings and jam sessions, and Suicide State hailing from Holland who formed in July 2010, you most certainly remember them from their track "Empty Spaces" which appeared on ThrashHead's "A Gallery Of Rogues Volume One"

First up on this five song release is Hiding Inside Victims who play a progressive hardcore style with a bit of d-beat thrown in. "Above The Microscope" starts off with some relentless drumming, gruff, shouted vocals, punishing bass, and some fast leads that jump out at you, "Graveyard Of Empires" continues the devastation with the band taking things up a notch and getting even crazier and raging. Suicide State kicks off their side with "No Reason" that has a vocal sample at the beginning and then they explode with their intense and angry sounding hardcore. Gruff, deep shouted vocals, guitar playing that will get your air guitar a workout, rumbling bass and furious drumming make this an excellent opener for them. "Reality" has vocals that are both almost evil sounding mixed with less gruff shouted ones, and the band just destroys all comers on this track, lastly, "Reality Misleid" carries on where the last song left off, brutal and vicious sounding and you will be moshing to it...you will, and ends with a vocal sample to bring things to a complete ending.

This is one tight and heavy split single that has two bands that complement each other and deserve to be heard on a full length release. Both sides are equally good and will get the pit moving and jumping, and they would be a great combo to see live. Go out and grab a copy, play the hell out of it, and have fun, I did. Check out their Facebook pages, Hiding Inside Victims and Suicide State.


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