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BAND: Heretic
ALBUM: A Time Of Crisis
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Sep 22 2012

Back in the day, Metal Blade had an awesome roster of bands, and one of the alumni to be on it was Heretic who had an incredible mix of melodic power and thrash to their style...anyone whose heard "Portrait of Faith" on their classic Torture Knows No Boundary EP knows exactly what I'm talking about.

But, like many of the bands from yesteryear they couldn't survive the dark ages of the 90's, having only been a part of a compilation in 1991.

But for all ye metalheads yearning for the classic riff driven (the soulful guitar on the melodic instrumental "Let Me Begin Again" WAILS!) and hook laden metal of the golden era, fear not! These Los Angeles based shredders are back with a very solid full-length. Matter of fact, it's amazing that a band could even survive so much down time, lineup changes and still come back many years later with such power! The history of this band is very much tied to the legendary Metal Church; the original singer for Heretic had actually left to replace David Wayne (R.I.P.), who in turn, hooked up with others in Heretic to form Reverend! Phew! You know as well as I do, the shifts among band members can sometimes get downright confusing! Now, with a lineup which consists of Brian Korban and Glenn Rogers on the axes, Julian Mendez on pipes, Angelo Espino on the bass and Ignazio Coppola smashing the drum kit, they have produced a LP which certainly has some serious juice. If you stopped for a moment to check these guys' C.V. you would be blown away by just how many great projects/outfits they've worked with over the years...and it seems they've been able to successfully bring all that experience into one package.

The album starts off with a nice little instrumental which immediately gives the album an "epic" feel and the tracks which follow turn the power up several notches by throwing down with classic metal inspired tempos that beckon "headbang to this!"; and though, the formula is straight up oldschool, ala 80's, it doesn't come across as a rehash of an older style...the song "Child Of War" friggen rips!

Hopefully this won't be a one off for the reformed Heretic and they will continue to work on expanding the band's saga; I'm certainly looking forward to future albums.


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