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BAND: Hellvetron
ALBUM: Death Scrolls of Seven Hells and It's Infernal Majesties
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Brian Brinson
Mar 12 2012

Very haunting.....very heavy.....very dark. Wow, the debut full-length album from this El Paso, Texas duet is astonishing!! Delving deeply into occultic lyrical themes and laying down a very foreboding funeral dirge of darkness and damnation, HELLVETRON emerges with "Death Scrolls of Seven Hells and It's Infernal Majesties". X.s (Nyogthaeblisz) on drums and Alal'Xhaasztur (Nyogthaeblisz) on guitars and vocals set a very grim atmosphere, even acheive atmosphere. This is truly blackened doom at it's best!!

"Sheol - Grave Of Supernals" peels open this audial casket with nothing short of a glimpse into a world of anguish and suffering, carrying a heavy debate of accursed guitar work, backed by the drum beat of the forsaken. What was pleasantly suprizing is that this wasn't staple black metal, either. HELLVETRON have an apparent ability to paint an entire backdrop, to create an entirely immersed experience with each draconian hiss of the guitar, with each lost soul pounded into the drums, with each proclamation of damnation uttered.....with just two members!!! Nothing here lacks in extreme dimension!!

"Shaari Moth - Omimous Gate Of Death" is another exceptional example of the infernal design presented by HELLVETRON. Never digressing from their cold, damp catacombs, these demons of the Lone Star State not only open this album up from a genuinely dark dimension, but continue to extoll the evil proclamations therefrom.

Due for release in April, in CD, LP and cassette formats on Hell's Headbangers Records, this 7 track masterpiece will certainly appeal to fans of Disembowlment and Necros Christos. Keep up with the band on HellsHeadbangers, as they are one to be followed!!!

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