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BAND: Hellshock
ALBUM: Warlord 7” EP
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Val
Feb 16 2012

So PROFANE EXISTENCE had a few hundred covers for this masterpiece around their offices and decided to do a limited run of colored vinyl to fill them. The one I got was a kind of purple grey fleck vinyl and it sounds as great today as it did back in 2005 when this originally came out.

Classic HELLSHOCK here, doing what they have always done best. These PDX stenchcore merchants unleash their assault on your senses with such fury and mastery that there really is no comparison.

The title track, Warlord starts as a mid paced dirge but erupts into a manic maelstrom of passioned attack before returning to a more restrained pace. I love everything about this...killer guitar riffage, thundering bass, blitzkrieg drums and vocals that make me think of choking on teargas. SO POWERFUL.

The flipside has one of HELLSHOCK's best songs ever, Legion and it is truly devastating. Supreme riffs over pounding war drums. Wailing leads that reek of something punk like ANTI-CIMEX and avoid sounding metallic at all. The production is perfectly balanced too, raw without being blown out and certainly not sounding flashy or too messed around with. Brilliant!

This pressing was limited to 300 copies so make sure you get one today before they are gone again.

Punk, Metal, Hardcore vinyl records and Distribution from PATAC Records
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