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BAND: Hell's Thrash Horsemen
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Rene
May 01 2012

If I've said this once, I'll say it again a thousand times more, word of mouth is always the best way to get turned onto some killer tunes. We were introduced to Hell's Thrash Horsemen by one of our buds here on the interwebs and I was immediately taken by these Russian thrashers.

This little EP is actually the shortest of the three releases from these guys, but it is also the most recent, and just by its sheer thrash awesomeness, I felt compelled to tell folks about it!

The first track "Im Reich Des Chaos" is pure classic thrash, the crunch, mind-blowing leads and heavy mach 2 velocity makes this band sound like their moms had given birth to them at Ruthie's Inn and Baloff was the midwife!

And it doesn't stop there, the intro to "Servants Of The People" has you banging your head the second the first note splits the woofers! If you don't believe me check it out yourself and tell me these guys don't hold their own with some of the best of the genre!

"Lifetime Delusion" introduces a slight taste of the ol' Slayer influence, the slow technical plucking of the strings grabs you by the arm and drags you into a double bass driven masterpiece...ok perhaps that's a bit too enthusiastic, but I really dig the attitude you can hear in their playing...nice!

Finally, "Minds Collide" brings this album to a close; and man, what an ending to a superb piece of thrash metal! I really love the originality of how it takes flight, there is almost a sense of confusion to it, as if everyone is going their own way and yet manage to come together nicely...not too many bands can pull that off mind you without sounding as if they are completely lost in some kind of hellish freestyle jam.

Hell's Thrash Horsemen do the motherland proud and really put forward a solid offering of pure, unadulterated thrash! One can only hope more folks will pick up on this dudes so that they get the support they need, 'cause they certainly need to do some touring over on this side of the Atlantic; hardcore thrashers will go apeshit!


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