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BAND: Havok
ALBUM: Point Of No Return
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Wes
Apr 26 2012

Denver's neo-thrash pride, HAVOK, kick back with a short but brutal EP late next month. Four tracks, two new and two, technically three, classics. They lump their own versions of "Postmortem" and "Raining Blood" into one final track just before shredding through SEPULTURA's "Arise". I know, I wish it were the AMEBIX version too, but Havok are actually in the midst of a US run with Sepultura. It's their latest trek fresh off the heels of their success with ENGLISH DOGS and TOXIC HOLOCAUST before they take Europe later this year.

The first and titular track, "Point Of No Return", is a realistic examination of when caution fails and you just fuck things up beyond recognition. The second cut entitled "Cradle To The Grave" is more my speed being that the lyrics are less real life and more fantasy. Airtight production and bitchin' solos are these guy's strong suit.

All four tracks were recorded by the band themselves and mastered by death metal legend JAMES MURPHY, who played on SPIRITUAL HEALING, CAUSE OF DEATH and CANCER's Death Shall Rise. That's not all they're offering up, they managed to cram two videos on there as well.

Punk, Metal, Hardcore vinyl records and Distribution from PATAC Records
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