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BAND: Hatriot
ALBUM: Heroes Of Origin
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Jason
Feb 07 2013

I have stated this before, but I can't tell you how ecstatic it makes me to have been around when pure Thrash Metal was born. Of course we didn't know any better then, but it was the birth of a new breed of metal and skilled musician. The Bay Area of San Francisco holds a special place in the thrash museum as the birthplace of some of the crown jewels of that genre. Testament, Metallica, and of course Exodus are among them. Exodus was among one of the most influential of the original Bay Area thrash bands, and Steve "Zetro" Souza was part of the revolution that created such influential masterpieces as Pleasures of the Flesh, Fabulous Disaster and Impact is Imminent. Zetro has been in and out of the scene in the last two decades, but looks to re-stake his position forever in thrash with his new band....Hatriot.

Hatriot is not a throwback to old Exodus, although there are similarities. Souza has taken that and made it his own. He has assembled a "family" type unit, bringing aboard his sons Cody on bass and Nick on drums. Kosta Varvatkis and Michael Esparza round out the line up on guitar. These guys can SHRED with the best of them. The solos present on here are near perfection, noting especially "Suicide Run" and "And Your Children Be Damned." Zetro has surrounded himself with young blood and it is really reflected on Heroes of Origin.

Suicide Run starts this ride to the depths of thrash hell off with a vengeance. Right out of the gate I knew this was going to be a neck breaking adventure. Steve's trademark and unique aggressive screams sound as wicked as ever. There truly is no one that sounds like him. This song KILLS. PERIOD. The production, mix and sound are clear and concise. The guitar solo is fast, tasteful and blistering. It's exciting to hear aggression mixed with old school thrash like this again.

Weapons of Class Destruction was originally on the 4 song demo Hatriot released in 2011. Nick's double bass drum abilities really shine here. The chorus is fast and angry-the way thrash should be. It is memorable and the shouting behind Zetro's singing really hit home. "Death First, NEVER Surrender!"

Zetro has never shied away from any sort of controversy and takes on many different subjects, from the medias portrayal of recent events to death, hate and the government. Murder American Style brings this harsh reality and anger to the forefront. Zetro paints his own version of the media here and does it with neck breaking ability. The guitar solo SHREDS. One of my favorites on the entire album.

Blood Stained Wings IS my favorite. It is bordering on insane! The song is a circle pit inducing feast. Zetro's vocals here are AMAZING and his trademark snarl/scream is haunting.

Hatriot ventures into a bit of melody with The Violent Times of My Dark Passenger and the song And Your Children Be Damned. They are a bit slower, and groove oriented. Zetro's vocals are just plain scary. They fit very will into the structure of the entire composition. Globicidal is maniacal burner. The vocals are haunting! The Mechanics of Annihilation, Shadows of the Buried and Heroes of Origin finish this masterpiece off. All these songs reflect the entire attitude of Hatriot. The title track is another BURNER with a rouncing, shouting chorus.

Zetro has assembled thrash metal for the masses here. The entire album is phenomenal It is destined to become a part of the classics he has been a part of!

Hatriot (featuring Steve 'Zetro' Souza) "Blood Stained Wings" Official Video by msanthrope

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