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BAND: Hard Charger
ALBUM: This Machine Is Driving
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Sep 23 2011

hard charger this machine is driving cover artwork

Man, what can I say about "This Machine Is Driving"? From the very first track titled "This Pack Will Roam" Hard Charger throws down with some wickedly fast d-beat madness while adding into that mix some outstanding guitar work.

"This Machine Is Driving", is the best of everything ThrashHead likes; make no mistake, though this band has a decidedly more punk than metal edge, fans of either could just as easily slap this disc down and crank it 'till the woofers explode with a ferocity rivaled only by an IED. That's the beauty of a great Crust offering.

Insane tracks like "Blitzkrieg Inferno", "Charm School", "Long Drop Down Into Hell", "Jackmoose", "Hand Of The Ripper" and "Intoxicator" (see below) tear into your senses like a punk club bouncer on speed...there is an intensity to this album which demands this band to be seen live; it evokes an emotion and energy which can only be exhausted within the flailing mass of a pit.

This is the fourth disc put out by these guys after the 2008 S/T album, the Hard Charger / Iron Fist 7"split and the Bombs Will Reign 7" but this is the one which will carve them a place among the crust elite; and since you're looking at over fifteen tracks of devastating force, this is a must have to add to your collection.

All in all, these Crust Punk Canadians have put forth a very strong album which seriously impressed me from beginning to end. Without a doubt, they have named themselves aptly as Hard Charger, cause they charge fucking hard straight atchya!

I've included some tracks they've previously released, "Intoxicator" appears on this album though, as well as a vid of 'em live...enjoy!


Hard Charger Live @ Gromka Ljubljana/Slovenia by MAVROS17

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