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BAND: Gomorrah
ALBUM: This Means War
YEAR: 2013


Written By: Fish
Feb 23 2013

Gomorrah band portrait

You remember GOMORRAH? Three teenage dudes out of Denver, Colorado that shred in pure old school speedmetal thrash punk form? Two years ago they came shyly bounding into an unsuspecting scene, where I had the chance to see them play at a local underground venue. The show that night was one that made an impression I will never forget of three palid faced, rosy cheeked youths taking the stage and, through obvious intimidation, hand down one of the sickest sets I was to ever witness from a new band.

A couple of years later, and due to artistic decisions leaving vocalist, guitarist and founder Gabe Vitello to forge into the world to find a new bassist and drummer, the results not only turn up Sam Kupernik on drums and Dave Haberthier on bass, but the new release of a completely bad-ass, balls to the wall 5 track EP of pure, unrelenting fury the likes of which I should have seen coming from these guys! Not only are GOMORRAH a band you will certainly want to keep your attention on, "This Means War" is an addition you need in your collection. I'm gonna say it like this, these guys fucking shred!!

Influenced not only by such metal greats such as Venom and Hellhammer, but also quite balanced in that by bands like Fear and Dead Kennedys, these dudes really hand down the true description of that influence with raw, traditional style that is feeding them into better shows on larger stages and building them one hell of a fan base. Don't believe me? Check them out. Keep this in mind the whole time......these guys are still in high school!

"This Means War" busts right off the top with "Descendants of Death" showing right from the start what these guys are made of. Punk riff progressions are complemented in a high voltage battle with slaying drum beats and Gabe's lightning quick leads.

Refusing to stop there or even begin to bore the listener, the title track follows, introduced with the sound byte of the 99%, just to dive right into an energy fueled, mosh instigating blast of even more intense metal mayhem! Holy fuck, GOMORRAH are ruling my ears right now!!

"Thrashed Outta Hell" wraps up this prize with nothing less than the bloodbath that it was delivered with. Nothing on this album stops short, and nothing about GOMORRAH does either.

This necessary bit of thrash metal battle gear can be most easily accessed by contacting GOMORRAH and comes encased in a gem of a jewelcase featuring cover art by Scorpio Steele, photos by ThrashTime Photography and recorded and produced by Colin Starner. Don't miss this!

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