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BAND: Gomorrah
ALBUM: Thrashed Outta Hell
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Fish
Apr 06 2012

I first got a chance to check these dudes out last year. They were young, as in 15, and opening the little show...of course. Three young metalhead dudes with a serious taste for old school metal. They named themselves GOMORRAH. Holy shit!! These guys could hand it down too!! I was so excited by what I was witnessing, I bought, not one, but 2 copies of their EP, "Thrashed Outta Hell" because, well, my better half was gonna tear this shit up once she heard it.

GOMORRAH are Gabe Vitello (Deadly Commands/Axe Murderer), Little Mikey (4 String Crushfuck), and Adrian Lenhart (Norwegian Thunder Strikes). Right out of the Denver metro area, these Mile High metalheads are just like the kids next door, but with a seriously nostalgic edge!!

These guys bring a real presence with them of good old '80s metal, both visually and audibly, so I checked their set out with an open mind. Amid some VENOM and KISS covers, they had a few of their own pieces to throw in there, and these guys were something else to witness!! It really was like witnessing the beginning of an era of thrash metal!! This is a new generation of metalheads delivering a fucking traditional, old-school set!!

So, the EP, you ask? "Thrashed Outta Hell", like I mentioned is a 4-track, beautifully released , demo pack EP with an included poster! With tracks like "Descendants of Death" and "Vile Bodies", this fresh display of true metal aggression is honestly obvious from the start.

GOMORRAH can be followed and contacted on Facebook, Reverbnation, or at P.O. Box 740175, Arvada, CO 80006.

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