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Written By: Josh Mosh
Oct 26 2011

As all Hallow's Eve creeps upon us it is only fitting that we lead with an interview with none other than the flesh eating fiends, GHOUL . I reluctantly followed Digestor to their van for a chat about their tour with GWAR, the LAPD, Discord Fest and the demise of a weary hitchhiker.

My spider senses were on constant alert through out this interview as I hoped my press pass would give me just that...a pass to continue to live. Thankfully GHOUL had just dined on an enormous pizza (no anchovies but plenty or peopleroni) or I might have been the main course! 

THRASHHEAD – From what cesspool does GHOUL hail?

GHOUL – We come from Creepsylvania in Eastern Europe. But, individually, I am from Germany, Cremator is from France, Fermentor is from Hungary, and Disector is from Creepsylvania but he's nit even...He's like half human! He was born from a maggot, he's like half human and half insect.

THRASHHEAD – What is the scene like in Creepsylvania?

GHOUL – There is no scene in Creepsylvania!

THRASHHEAD – Are there hipsters? There are hipsters everywhere!

GHOUL – Now there are hipsters in Creepsylvania, but up until just a couple of years ago it was just farmers. Just a bunch of beet farmers.

THRASHHEAD – Just a bunch of beet farmers and GHOUL ! How do the beet farmers get along with GHOUL ?

GHOUL – Well we're usually chopping their heads off or chain sawing them in their sleep or something. So their not big fans.

THRASHHEAD – Does GHOUL have their own den, lair, or castle?
GHOUL – We live in the catacombs underneath the cemetery in Creepsylvania. There are extensive catacombs that go for miles. Maze like, full of skeletons...

THRASHHEAD – Why do the members of GHOUL hide their faces? What are you hiding?

GHOUL – We're hideously deformed, disgusting creatures. If we took those masks off the people in the audience would go blind instantly. So I guess it wouldn't be that bad, maybe we should try that sometime!

THRASHHEAD – If there were to go blind instantly they wouldn't know what you look like. Then you wouldn't have to wear the masks.

GHOUL – That's true. That's a really good point. You got me on a technicality!

THRASHHEAD – What other areas of the body have been affected? From pictures it looks like from the neck down everything seems to be ok.

GHOUL – Well you haven't seen us without pants.

THRASHHEAD – Has GHOUL ever crossed paths with the street punk band THE GHOUL S?

GHOUL – No. We've crossed paths with the Japanese punk band GHOUL , but I don't think I've ever heard of the GHOUL S.

THRASHHEAD – I saw them once with the EXPLOITED. What would happen if you did cross paths?

GHOUL – They would get a swift cease and desist letter from our attorney!

THRASHHEAD – How many dates are you guys doing with GWAR?

GHOUL – 20 dates. It starts in North Carolina and it goes up the East coast into the Mid-West, to Canada a little bit and then the western part of Canada and then down. Our last two shows are in Seattle and Portland. And they go on for the rest of the country.

THRASHHEAD – What is the relationship between GHOUL and GWAR? Have you been enslaved by GWAR?

GHOUL – We were enslaved by GWAR's music a long time ago. All of us have been listening to them for a really long time. Other than this tour I don't think any of us really know them. They asked us to do it out of the blue and it was a totally insane request.

THRASHHEAD – Who would win in a fight? The fiends of the band GHOUL or the intergalactic band GWAR?

GHOUL – Definitely GWAR because I think they have some kind of super powers. And when it comes down to it we are pretty weak and we have to prey on people smaller than us. We're just mutants.

THRASHHEAD – Bully mutants.

GHOUL – Yeah, were just like really disgusting, scuffling creatures. Those guys are like gods.

THRASHHEAD – What do the members of GHOUL dress up like for Halloween?


THRASHHEAD – Is Jason Voorhees scared of GHOUL or is he perhaps in the band under an assumed name?

GHOUL – He might be in the band! I've never asked the other members of the band what their actual names are. So maybe he is moonlighting.

THRASHHEAD – Would GHOUL feel comfortable at Camp Blood?

GHOUL – I think so, but we never really liked camp-like activities, although archery is pretty good. Hatchet throwing is good too. Canoeing and macramé are not really our thing.

THRASHHEAD – Were you on the bill to play Discord Fest? What happened there?

GHOUL – We played it...Or what it turned into.

THRASHHEAD – What happened at Discord fest?

GHOUL – What I heard was there was guy trying to fight people or being super rough with people in the pit inside and then he got taken outside by a couple of people and they beat him up or he started a fight with them or whatever. The cops were called by somebody and they busted up the whole thing. And the cops descended on that place like it was a riot, they were stomping their way down the alley, arresting people like it was some huge thing and it was just a concert, it was just a show. It was absolutely ridiculous how much they overreacted. But that's how LA cops are.

THRASHHEAD – Did you play at Rito's house?

GHOUL – No, we went to it. But we played the next day in Fullerton where they moved the show. We played there at a place called the Riff Haus. We ended up playing two shows because so many people bought tickets to that fest, they couldn't fit them all into the venue so we ended up playing two sets to try and accommodate everybody, but even so not everyone got in. People were really on the verge of turning into like an angry mob. The people in the Discord side of it handled it really well. And the dude that's put it together, especially this dude Kyle Hertz, I think he was sort of the mastermind behind the whole thing...He sat there and took his lumps, people were screaming at him, and really angry and looked like they were going to start fighting him and he didn't run or anything, he just stood there and took it. He tried to diffuse the situation. I think all those guys did a really good job.

THRASHHEAD – From what I understand GHOUL has had some trouble in the past in LA trying to land a solid show?

GHOUL – We were supposed to play with BATTALION OF SAINTS about a year ago and that got shut down before we got to play, the cops acted exactly the same way. They came in force, like 50 cops, a ton of cop cars, they were marching through the building kicking in doors and generally acting like pricks until everyone left. That was it, we just had to leave.

THRASHHEAD – I saw something online that Scotty from Tank Crimes was going to set up something a little more professionally organized...

GHOUL - The only thing I heard from him is that he wants to set it up at a place called the Key Club, the Grill 'Em All guys have a kitchen there. It's like a legit space that probably won't get shut down by the police. That's the plan. From now on I don't think we can play anymore places in LA because every time we go there it gets shutdown. This time wasn't because of us, it wasn't even our night when it got shut down. It's kind of crazy that every time we go there it's like a fiasco.

THRASHHEAD – I've had some similar experiences in LA with the cops getting completely out of control.

GHOUL – They acted like they had nothing better to do than hassle a bunch of teenagers. I know it's been happening forever, but that doesn't happen where we're Creepsylvania! Where we're from shows might get shut down but the cops are pretty nice about it. There it was like they were happy to be scaring people, like they were just bullies.

THRASHHEAD – What's in the cooler? Human flesh?

GHOUL – Yeah, a head.

THRASHHEAD – Random hitchhiker?

GHOUL – Yeah.

THRASHHEAD – Nice. A little road kill and hitch hiker...

GHOUL – A dead raccoon.

THRASHHEAD – In summary, what does GHOUL want the world to know?

GHOUL – We're coming for you. We're out there, you cant escape us!

THRASHHEAD – What should the kids of Denver know?

GHOUL - Ummm...Don't drink outside this club. Or you'll never be able to come here again!

THRASHHEAD – There you go. We'll beat them, hack them up and feed them to GHOUL ! Thank for the interview Digestor...What is you favorite dish?

GHOUL – I really lime Fettuccini Carbinerra...With human meat!

GHOUL at the Blast o Mat in Denver 10.14.11 lots of monsters by ThrashHead Magazine

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