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BAND: Ghost
ALBUM: Opus Eponymous
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Josh Mosh
Oct 14 2011

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This is one of the most refreshing albums I have heard in a long, long, time.  It's not fast, it's not brutal,'s not even really that heavy.  In fact it is at best mid-paced and it is incredibly melodic.

I hope I haven't scared you off and you are still reading!...

This album is down right mind-blowing!  GHOST has rejected everything acceptable in metal today.  They have stripped it all down and gotten back to basics in every aspect.  The music is simple and the vocals are melodic and are sung, most of the time with a calming softness...

The metal is full of cool riffage; rhythmic, catchy and hook laden.  The organs interweave with the guitars to create some incredibly spooky soundscapes.  And the bass and drums are mixed to perfection while complimenting each other generously.

BUT SHIT THE CLOWN!   They are so fricken' catchy!  You will be humming and singing all day long. 3 year old hums along and has declared that GHOST is his favorite band!  He actually requests to listen to it!

"Lucifer, we are here, for your praise, evil one!"  Those are the first lyrics on this masterpiece of unholy blasphemous metal.  Yes, GHOST are Satanic as fuck and downright scary.  Lyrically they tell tales, like horror movies or old MERCYFUL FATE.  GHOST make Satanism fun and enjoyable and worthy of singing along too.  This is where I have to be really careful of my son retaining any of the lyrics and repeating them at school or something!

Again early MECYFUL FATE (like the 'Nuns Have No Fun' album) comes to mind as well as BLACK SABBATH, BLUE OYSTER CULT (in a big way!) and...dare I even say it...KANSAS?!!?!!!  I mean this sounds like something straight out of the 70's.  It reminds me of being in like 6th grade or something with my OZZY OSBOURNE shirt on tagging along with a friend to his older brothers friends apartment where there are long haired dudes sitting around getting high, playing Dungeons & Dragons, RUSH poster on the wall, and GHOST on the turntable.  Impossible!!!  The album was just released this year.  But that is it man!  70's Satanic Rock!  That is how you sum up GHOST in 3 words (or a 1 number, 2 word combo)...70's Satanic Rock.

I have listened to this album probably 50+ times by this point and have not listened to anything else this week!

The one thing I cannot stand about this album is that it does not contain their cover of the BEATLES classic 'Here Comes the Son'.  Apparently that is only available on the Japanese version.  Notice the change in spelling on the word "sun", their twist is that the song is about birth of the anti-Christ!  That is haunting business folks!  Read the lyrics with that angle in mind...The hair on my neck is standing on end!

This is my second ever 5 star review for ThrashHead and if we had more stars I'd give them.  Such an amazing effort from such a mysterious and evil band.

Shit...I didn't even address their stage attire.  The singer dresses like a skull faced Satanic Pope and the rest of the band are decked out in druid robes.  They move very slow and deliberate giving a ghastly appearance.

"This chapel of ritual smells like dead human sacrifice from the altar..."  Yes!  So sick!!!  \m/

Ghost "Ritual" (OFFICIAL) by Metal Blade Records

Ghost - Ritual (LIVE) Hammer of Doom Festival 4 by unohell

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