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BAND: Fuck The Facts
ALBUM: Die Miserable
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Jan 06 2012

Canada's FUCK THE FACTS (FTF for short [isn't that the slogan of the Republican Party?]) return with a new 30+ minutes slab of hardcore grind!

Yes, this is brutal grindcore and they do it without getting jazzy. They employ good, heavy riffs over rapid fire blast beats with vocals that go from a growl to an urgent, plea filled scream. At times, a hint of Black Metal influence can be detected but it never takes over the song. Thankfully they seem to stay true to the 'core and power through whatever madness has overcome them.

'Lifeless' starts off with a bad ass riff that carries the first half of the song. I can get behind that. When this song is over you might just find yourself humming that intro riff, but wondering what ever happened to it.

Where I think FTF get distracted is adding too many parts to a song and not letting the riff carry the song. Once it is introduced it might not come back, they've moved on to something else. To me that prohibits the song from every really taking on any life and growing. There are a lot of parts, but nothing that binds them as a whole.

Someone should make sure that the drummer gets extra beers or weed or veggies because he is working his ass off! Death to false grind!

FUCK THE FACTS - "A Coward's Existence" (Official Music Video) by RelapseRecords

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