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BAND: From The Makers Of
ALBUM: For Lack Of A Better Word
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Rick
Dec 05 2012

This five piece band from Buzzards Bay, MA play a pretty heavy mix of metal in their hardcore with shouted vocals mixed with sung vocals. They have their debut out with five tracks.

They have a really well produced sound that help to make the band members shine with enough space for the different instruments to be heard and the vocals to stand out. The songs are a bit long, but the band does a good job of using the time to add a fair bit of interest in the playing of the songs, so you don't notice it.

I liked the sung vocals and hope that they use them more in the future instead of just the shouted style. When they mixed the two vocal styles in their songs, those were really good as well.

The band is young, both in age and being together; with some time and dedication, I think that they will do really well, so go and check them out and maybe they will be one of those bands that you can say you saw when they were still small. Keep up with them on their Facebook page


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