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BAND: From Ashes Rise
ALBUM: Rejoice The End 7"
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Jun 23 2012

from ashes rise band portrait

It's been a long way coming (15 years and counting) and From Ashes Rise have evolved into a sound which goes far beyond music which can be labeled simply as "Crust". They've survived much of what has been thrown at them, even a break up in 2005, and have endured to become something quite extraordinary.

This little disc contains two kick-ass tracks: "Rejoice the End" and "Rage of Sanity", but it is crammed full of music which can only be described as the culmination of the versatile musical ethos of the band's members. And that's to be expected, as I mentioned, these guys have been around for quite some time exploring different realms of musical expression and, though it is undeniably From Ashes Rise, there are few comparisons to the first taste we got on their classic debut "Fragments of A Fallen Sky".

Powerful and defiant, these high energy songs are musically complex, even though your first impression may differ due to the fact that you are so easily swept up by the killer beats and twangy notes backing monster vocals. Also, the production on the album is top-notch; no surprise there either, being that legend Brad Boatright is also the talent behind Audiosiege Engineering and has worked with such bands as Deviated Instinct, Sleep, Noothgrush,  War//Plague and many, many others.

This is one album you will definately want to add to your collection when it hits on July 17th via Southern Lord because it is certainly a defining moment in this band's history; a lead up if you will, to something even more astounding...12" inch not too far in the future perhaps? I certainly hope so!

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