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Written By: Rene
Oct 26 2014

This documentary is not a film about a NWO conspiracy, it's a film about the horrific economic realities of our world presented by scholars and economists.  A must see for anyone who craves real knowledge.

Today people know there is something fundamentally wrong in the world around us, but they can rarely agree on what the causes truly are. This inability to unite behind a common purpose, apathy and scapegoating means that the inherent flaws of the governance under which we live will be able to continue until there is a total collapse.

As I previously stated, this documentary is first and foremost not a "conspiracy theory" film, some tale about how the illuminati are planning to turn you into the slaves of the New World Order, nor is it an anti-capitalist film but rather, it is a film which shows the viewer, in no uncertain terms, the facts of our predatory economic system and the socio-political ramifications it has on our lives.

Many people, will be absolutely surprised by the individuals who appear in this film because they would seem the type of people whom could be easily construed as being a part of the problem due to the positions they've held. From noted scholars and academics to political/corporate/Wall Street insiders, these individuals leave no doubt in the mind of the viewer, whether you be a left-wing vegan or a right-wing patriot, as to what our collective situation is. By breaking stereotypes, highlighting hypocrisy, referencing historical study/precedents and presenting clear definitions of what capitalism should be, Four Horsemen goes beyond rhetoric and educates everyone regardless of their political leanings. It's a documentary which allows people, from all spectrums of life, to see a common enemy, to see a common problem, to see an opportunity to join with your fellow human being in defiance.

If you, to put it in layman's terms, give a shit at all for the future of our individual nations and the world as a whole, then take moment from posting memes to watch Four Horsemen, it will most certainly break your preconceived notions on political divides and help you do what most are seemingly incapable of doing, looking at those with political beliefs opposite to yours not as foes, but potential allies in the seemingly impossible fight for real change which lay before us.

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