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Home For Labels And PR Firms Label Policy: has an open door policy to all labels and promotion companies which would like to have their materials reviewed or News which they would like our visitors to know about. Here are some guidelines:

You may submit both digital or physical materials for review. Please submit all digital materials to the email addresses listed below and physical materials to the address, also listed below. UPDATE: is in the process of acquiring a new P.O. Box for Submissions, in the meantime, please keep submissions digital.

Physical review materials will not be returned.  All submitted materials become the property of

Not all submitted materials will get a glowing review.  That’s just the way it is.  Our policy is honesty. If you have any questions please contact us.

Do not just send in Press Releases, some Labels actually believe that just because they have well known acts signed, that images and press releases will suffice for an online magazine.  Some sites may be more than happy to create outbound links which enhances the SEO for that label but does very little in return for their own site; not us.  This is not a blog, so please do not attempt to treat this site as one. 

We want to create quality content for our visitors and in order to do so, we ask all Labels to submit albums, DVDs, books, etc for review. If you submit music then we will gladly publish news relating to your company and create the properly fomatted links necessary to drive traffic and business to your site as well as enhance your site's SEO.

ThrashHead is in here to provide a satisfying experience to our visitors, not be a free dumping ground for Label's or Promoter's links.
We will review hardcore punk, crust and metal of it’s varying sub-genres including power, thrash, death, grind etc...and if it's damn good, some hard rock as well. We also accept videos and documentaries on almost any subject.

Send All Digital Submissions For Review To:

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