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BAND: Fireforce
ALBUM: March On
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jun 18 2011


Alrighty, here we go with an offering to the metal gods in the form of Belgian Metal maniacs Fireforce and their debut full-length album titled March On.

This album takes you back to the old school when the likes of Manowar, Judas Priest, Helloween, And Iron Maiden ruled the metal world with an iron fist...power chords combined with driving beats and melodic singing is kept alive and well with Fireforce!

Now for those of you who love some new school power metal from the likes of Iced Earth and Blind Guardian, these guys may very well be right up your alley!

Any headbanger could dig this album; tacks like "1302-Battle for Freedom" have a tasty NWOBHM feel to them and songs like "Moonlight Lady" have the speed which will make some of you who are a bit more thrash orientated give a nod of approval.

There is also that common "warrior spirit" of power metal which flows heavily through these tracks, speaking of struggle and triumph.  The opening track "Coastal Battery" sets a theme to the album which is reminiscent of Sabaton in topic, but not style.

And since it is power metal, it's devoid of many of the darker aspects which one would find in many death metal and black metal albums, which I am not a big fan of due to the fact that, at least to me,  I enjoy the pick me up that a  good power metal album affords in both tempo and spirit....there's enough negative crap in this world, I don't need tunes which bring me down and which has my soul burning in hell before breakfast. Don't get me wrong, there is some damn good black metal out there, I am just a lot more finicky when it comes to the genre.

Flype,( that's the entire name given on the credits of the album) belts out some serious vocals and Erwin Suetens' and Steve Deleus' Guitars simply shred it up big time! When you combine those with the high speed antics of drummer Tom Heijnen and Bassist Metalpat on a track like "Born To Play Metal" you get yerself a good 'ol metal anthem with a definite thrash-like edge!

Fireforce has the formula right and I think, as we hear more from these guys,  they will perfect the recipe and maybe even rise  to take their place alongside the other greats of power metal.

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