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BAND: Finsterforst
ALBUM: Rastlos
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Dave
Nov 30 2012

FINSTERFORST new release Rastlos is just another heavy helping of what us FINSTERFORST fans love!!! Wholly hell these guys never stop getting better!! I have been listening to these guys since the release of Weltenkraft. If I only spoke the language I am sure I would love FINSTERFORST even more!!

These Germans have progressed from a good black metal/folkish band to an absolute powerhouse of EPIC/BLACK/FOLK metal!!! I compare these guys to Dimmu Borgir in their transformation into a big league band that has their feet firmly planted in their rootss!!!

Musically FINSTERFORST have matured and not in a sold out crap kind of way. FINSTERFORST music takes you on a journey with plenty of grandeur, soundscapes and black metal. The best of all worlds!! Give this a spin with headphones and you are instantly taken to the realm of the Black Forest!!! I hate to put labels on bands and compare them to other bands but I want everyone to pick this cd up. EPIC!!

FINSTERFORST - Nichts als Asche (Short Edit) | Napalm Records by Napalm Records

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