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Written By: Dave
Dec 14 2013

Dave catches a gig in Arizona

Ahhh, it is always good when there is a show on a Saturday night!! Club Red is becoming the best place to see great local talent.

Doors didn’t open until 7:30 which irritated me. Ticket said 6:00 and I was thirsty. Hint: Open the doors and we will buy more BEER!! The line to get in was pretty lengthy. I didn’t think that many of people knew who Fates Warning is.

Phoenix and Dragons took the stage and set the bar pretty high!! The last time I saw them they had a singer and he wasn’t very good. This show saw them without vocals and musically astounding!! I can see why they don’t have singer yet. To get someone that will bring justice along side their musical wall would be difficult. All the guys in this band are talented and have a great stage presence. They play a great cross of Power, Thrash and Progressive Metal. At one point in the show they pulled out a full fledged TSO Christmas song.  Musically these guys ruled. Their only downfall [and I say that for a live stage show] is they need a singer and some great lyrics to go with their MONUMENTAL METAL sound. I would have picked up a CD but they were sold out. I will have to try and snag one next time they play.

Next was another slice of LOCAL METAL talent. Artizan took the stage and proceeded to pick up where Phoenix and Dragons left off. I hadn’t heard any Artizan before and I will have to pick up one of their new releases. These guys came to rock. Another slice of Power inspired Heavy Metal in the line of OMEN, Iced Earth/Gamma Ray. The opening song was hindered by some technical difficulties with the vocals which were remedied by the next couple of songs. The tempo that these guys play is perfect!! Just good old fashioned POWER/HEAVY METAL. All of Artisans’ tunes were toe tapping, head banging songs. The singer for these guys has a great voice. The twin guitars were in perfect harmony and these guys were setting us up for the big headliners!!

Fates Warning

Fates Warning took the stage and the crowd was ready. Unfortunately I was not. I had No Exit and Awaken the Guardian back in the day and never picked up any others. By the size of the crowd, there is still a huge fan base for these guys. Fates Warning came out of the gate but never really grabbed a hold of me like the two opening acts. My partner in crime is a huge Fates Warning fan and he was disappointed also. I thought maybe I just didn’t know enough of their catalog but my friend said he thought it was very lackluster also. Musically these guys are competent players. The music just never gets a hold of you. It’s almost as if this should be background music for the next animated Heavy Metal. Maybe a little less Pink Floyd monotony and more metal. Ray Adler still has a great voice after all these years. Their music just doesn’t take me anywhere. All in All if they had turned down the volume it would make great background music.

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