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Can anyone write for

Yep, just like us on Facebook and message us with your idea.

Keep in mind, there is no guarantee that we will publish it though.

Why aren't there any flashing ad banners on this site?

'Cause this isn't the 90's! There is nothing more annoying than distracting, blinking ads placed all over a poorly designed site robbing a viewer of their precious attention.

We designed this site from the ground up, it's pure DIY, and though we do want to sell ad space to promote other businesses, as any newspaper or magazine would do, we want those areas to be clean and compliment the overall aesthetic of the website.

The web is about content, and as a thrash head, you reserve the right to enjoy your mag of choice

I have a band that just got started, we think we're good, will you review our music?

ABSOLUTELY!! We have seen so many bands play small house parties only to become household names!

There is no way in heck we would ignore the little guy, but keep in mind, that doesn't mean we will like what we hear...but we will never insult or criticize you in a way that would rob you of your ambition to do what you love.

We are creative types, artists, musicians, writers, designers etc...we know what it's like.

For more info check out our For Bands area

Why can't log into to edit and publish my own article?

There are a couple answers to that, first: because we're not insane! :D And two: it actually comes down to spam; most sites will only invite writers to have that kind of access once they have proven that they produce top-notch content on a regular basis.

Until then, you will have to submit your article/review to us so we can see whether or not it's publishable.

If it's not, we might contact you with the reasons why we declined and some pointers on how to improve.

Don't get upset if your submission isn't accepted, it's really common in this industry, keep at it and you may land the lead story!

Why isn't there a forum on thrashhead?

Because they draw spam bots like rotting meat draws flies!

Actually, we might, it's just right now, the staff has their hands full and until we think we can get a few trustworthy mods to act as overlords, we won't deploy a forum

Can I submit a news story?

Sure, but it better be newsworthy! :D

If I follow you on twitter, will you follow back?

We will certainly try, so as long as you aren't a completely evil spammer.

What do you mean this site is community driven?

What good is a site if the readers can't participate? That's why encourage the folks who like our site to submit articles

What the heck! You wrote about a band that is totally lame!

Ah my friend, all music is good, just depends on what you like. We might jam to one thing that you can't even stomach and vice-versa.

But, that's the point isn't it? This site isn't only about the same thing over and over, it's about the exploration and understanding of the realms of musical expression, and as such, we encourage you to write your views in our comment areas!

Tell us how lame we are, we love that sh*t!

I love but, I am far too broke to donate, how can I help?

Just simply liking us is reward in of itself, but if you feel a passion to be super duper cool, just tell a buddy, like or follow us on the social machines and participate!

Really, one of the best things you can do is get the word out.

Is there anything else you would like to say to me before I leave this page?

Yeah, we love you!

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