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BAND: Exmortus
ALBUM: Beyond The Fall Of Time
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Nov 23 2011

exmortus band protrait

It's been three long years of exhausting touring, a lineup change and a injury, but Exmortus has returned to bring forth an impressive and worthy follow up to their successful debut "In Hatred's Flame".

"Beyond The Fall Of Time" opens with "Bane Forthcoming" and a ticking clock accompanied by complex guitar playing which gives it an almost experimental/progressive feel to it. The track quickly gives way to a kick ass shred fest of tearing axes, high pitched screaming vocals (slightly reminiscent of NWOBHM) and insane drum beats on the scorcher "Kneel Before The Steel".

Right there, I know I am listening to an album which is well suited for any discriminating metal purest. Thrash crunch, with elements of technical death metal (you hear this on "Beyond The Nile" "Entombed With The Pharoahs" and "Khronos" especially) as well as a touch of power metal; "Beyond The Fall Of Time" is a barrage of ever so sweet, hard hitting heavy metal.

Songs like "Black XIII","Destroy" and "Crawling Chaos" are replete with blast beats, blazing guitar and bass rhythms escorted by astonishing leads, while other tracks like "Khronos" are carried by delicate string work that backs up impressive, gruff vocals.

Exmortus seemingly has the ability to blend several styles of metal into a consummately unique sound which can easily have any aficionado of oldschool banging their heads alongside those of the up and coming generation; echoes of Maiden, Overkill and Skeleton Witch are all here, while at the same time, multifaceted changes and tempos distinguishes the album as being purely Exmortus. Unlike a lot of bands which rely heavily on what has come before, almost to the point of mimicking it, I never once get the impression that these guys are being anything other than themselves.

The end of the album culminates with "The Gathering" and an incredible cascade of speed and galloping rhythms...one last burst of music and then the ticking of aforementioned clock can be heard again; Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock and it is smashed! This finale gave the album an almost "conceptual" feel to it.

Being that this album was released via Heavy Artillery, a label which prides itself on providing straight up, no b.s. metal to the masses, I am not surprised by its power and majesty; Exmortus' "Beyond The Fall Of Time" is simply a brilliant album!


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