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BAND: Exhumed
ALBUM: Necrocracy
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Dave
Feb 03 2014

2013 is the year for great albums by seasoned acts. This new slab of Grinding/Death/Splatter Metal is a good offering. Having not listened to EXHUMED for several years this is a breath of fresh air. They have dialed in the DEATH METAL and it sounds great. From album opener "Coins in the Eyes" to the closing track "The Rotting", this album delivers.

I don't know what is in the water, but all of these veterans putting out great slabs of metal. By no means have EXHUMED created a new sound ... They have created their SOUND. The whole album flows with the slink of a grave robber after dark; all cylinders seem to be firing. The breakdowns and guitar work are very refreshing from the usual blast and blind speed. It appears guitars have been practiced and thought giving to structures. This whole album waivers back and forth from a grinding death metal to a musical journey. I would say maybe age has played a big part in this album. The twin guitar attack is great and the vocals are perfect. If this album wasn't on a 2013 top rated list it should have got honorable mention!!!

Of the nine songs there isn't a bad one on the disc. Necrocracy flows and ebbs like the blood running from a freshly killed victim; it's a solid serving of well performed DEATH METAL!!

EXHUMED - "Coins Upon The Eyes" (Official Video) by OfficialExhumed

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