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BAND: Evile
ALBUM: Five Serpent's Teeth
YEAR: September 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Aug 20 2011

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For any band, the pressure to meet the standards set by their break out releases and surpass those is most assuredly a difficult one to confront.  We've seen it many times over, where bands just can't carry the inspiration they have had on their first or second albums over into a third release and beyond; especially after the loss of one of their founding members...yet, on the other side of the coin, the true greats have been able to do this, and Evile is undoubtedly going to be one of the greats.

The Third album from U.K. thrashers Evile, "Five Serpent's Teeth", finds the late Mike Alexander's shoes being filled by former Rise to Addiction  Bassist Joel Graham and it matches the ferocity of their first two releases "Enter The Grave" and "Infected Nation", almost note for note.

The entire album is a shred fest of blast beats, double bass, ripping guitars and forceful singing! Songs like "Centurion" and "In Dreams of Terror", hark back to the glory days of thrash metal, but with a tighter edge.  Evile is part of, dare I say, a second coming of thrash metal which expands upon the genre that had been brought to the forefront of the heavy metal scene almost thirty years ago.  Though, thrash has never disappeared, it seemed too many newer bands had been trying to emulate those who came before, it was becoming boring and repetitive.  Bands such as Evile have breathed a new life into thrash by giving back a pureness of aggression which is desperately needed in a time where we see many of the old masters become tired and uninspired, releasing embarrassing albums of lackluster garbage for the pure sake of money and not the music itself.

The whole album is a wall of extreme speed, except for the melancholic piece "In Memorium"; which opens with a haunting bass riff.  The song is incredibly melodic and really showcases the outstanding musicianship of the band. Listening to the lyrics, you know this is the group's goodbye to their lost comrade Mike.

This is undoubtedly one of the better thrash metal albums I've heard this year; I never found myself bypassing a track to go onto the next.  "Five Serpent's Teeth" is one of the must have albums for any thrash head to add to their list of music acquisitions for 2011; it is the type of unbridled metal insanity that you just have to blow your speakers to.

Evile, is back with a vengeance and by the sound of things, they are gonna be here for some time to come!

Evile - ETERNAL EMPIRE - Five Serpent's Teeth Preview by officialevile

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