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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jun 07 2011

Today the Biohazard Twitter account announced that original lineup member and frontman Evan Seinfeld has left the band, according to reports, he is to be replaced by Scott Roberts; this coming on the heels of the wrapping up of the first album with the original members since '94.

The link posted on the twitter account goes to RoadRunner Record's Blabbermouth site.  The article can be found here, but by the look of it, Mr. Seinfeld may have been fired rather than having voluntarily left, the article does not go into detail, though Blabbermouth has reported before that Mr. Seinfeld can be quite difficult.  Rather, it  focuses more on the importance of the new album to Biohazard.  Even though seeing a founding member of a band leave can always be a bit painful, perhaps with certain aspects of this part of  Biohazard's saga gone, the band can focus on making their music. ThrashHead wishes Biohazard the best of luck.

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