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BAND: Eskera
ALBUM: Ruido Debajo Del Puente CD
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Attucks
Jul 06 2011

I was told that these guys are ska punk. I find that to be one part of a lot bigger sound. 'Estupidos', the first song on the disc, has no ska. It's more of a fast paced, punk with gruff vocals and even a pinch of pop punk thrown in. The ska thing pops in and is a lot more prevalent throughout the other songs on the disc.

ESKERA is able to mix the different elements of their influences really well. On 'Nuestra Lucha, Nuesta Gente' they show off their talents with a killer acoustic intro that flows into a frenzied punk assault followed up by some chilled out reggae. Sometimes CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE is brought to mind a little but these guys are a lot more aggressive than most other acts I hear try to do this. Fuck, half the songs on the CD clock in under two minutes.

I think everyone sings at one point or another on here but there seems to be two main singers. One of the vocalists is screeching, screamy and pissed off where the other seems to be more a of shouter, almost like he is pleading with you. Ragging fast political punk rock with two guitarists that mingles with ska  is best how I can describe this band from San Diego. Great energy through out that kind of makes you want to get up and do something . 

There is a very heavy Latin American influence throughout the recording with some songs written in Spanish. 'Don't Assimilate' starts with a great quote and the lyrics talk about the right to immigrate and be able to keep your culture and heritage. There are really cool, smart lyrics throughout the entire album that deal mostly with racism and one song about cops. Well most cops are racist anyway. The bands name, ESKERA, means a long winding ridge of stratified sand and gravel. They added the "a" for anarchism, making the word eskerA. Izquierda means left in Spanish, which they say kind of sounded similar, so in the political spectrum they all lean far left. So its a left, long winding ridge with a graveled and stratified sand pathway leading to anarchism.  In the Basque language Eskera means "request".

Holy smokes! The cover is total D.I.Y. style made out of a nifty card stock all folded up and has a hand printed, multicolored silk screen across it. The only down side to this one would be I need a little more guitars in the mix and a pinch less drums but over all this fifteen song disc is pretty jamming and has made me a fan.

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