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Written By: Wes
May 03 2012

church of disgust demo artwork






Dude yes! Fucking brutal and disgusting thrashy death/doom. Blood and guts served up on a platter of sludge. Texas newcomers Church Of Disgust's three track, self-released demo cassette decimated my speakers and left me salivating like a liquid television cartoon for more. This San Marcos quartet deliver very doomy death/thrash in the vein of bands like the almighty Cianide, Teitanblood and Dead Conspiracy. Someone should really mail this tape out to Peaceville. ..like yesterday!


dog shredder brass tactics artwork






It isn't metal, nor is it punk. Three tracks of progressive madness and experimental (con)fusion from the Bellingham, Washington trio known as Dog Shredder which feature vocals and guitars by Josh Holland. The title says it all, these guys aren't screwing around. This EP combines the sludgy chaos of fellow north westerners Neurosis and Danava with the pop-oriented bounce of indie electronic acts as Ratatat and especially Battles.

Brass Tactics is dark but fun and continues to show off this band's raw natural talent and willingness to delve deep into very brazen songwriting structure, which is a rare thing from band's like this today. This is only their second EP and with just five songs under their belt they're already coming into their own and shredding a new light on experimental prog rock and broadening the tastes of today's metal community.


cop problem cover artwork


S/T 7" EP



Just in time for Mayday! Three quick tracks of blistering angst from Philly's premiere transcendental d-beat outfit. Eight and a half minutes of spacey and modern crust punk in the footsteps of bands like Nux Vomica. This Cradle of "Liberty" quartet is pissed and armed to the teeth with spite for an abusive government and authority in all forms.

If ever a band like this was not only appropriate but very much called for in these trying times, it is now. In today's extremist political landscape it's refreshing to hear a band not just complain and lament but actually take serious action and a firm stance on modern social ills. Through the force of their music, they blast out a strong statement as definitive as their own name. The final track "Blinded By Power" is an especially moving and brutally beautiful composition which verges on shoegaze at moments. It is true what they say, anger is a gift. Fuck wall street - occupy Cop Problem.


volture rule breaker cover artwork






The RVA quintet which features Municipal Waste, Parasytic and Cannabis Corpse alum kick back with one new track of solid, no-bullshit, 70's and 80's hard rock worship and a cover by an old Swedish group, Gotham City's "Killer Angels". Here's a band who really knows how to "walk the walk and talk the talk" as they say on the mean streets of the good ol' days.

This band harkens back to a time when the type of car you drove was very, very, very important. The tunes you blare out of that American machine, Rulebreaker case in point, are very fast and pretty damn heavy with plenty of shreds and chugs but the vocal approach is squeaky clean and katana sharp. Vocals and riffs that drunkenly fly with both the right amount of carelessness and caution, like a yucked up truck driver on the Reagan trying to beat the sun AND the law.

Disciples and defenders of the old school, you get a kick ass poster with the record. Volture got me feelin' alright.


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