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BAND: End Reign
ALBUM: End Reign 7"
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Mar 20 2012

END REIGN call Durham England home. They play down-tuned hardcore punk that has as much to do with crust as it does metal. Let's get it on record that they are heavy, as heavy as the bags under Courtney Love's eye's after a late 90's heroin bender.

The 7" kicks in with a song called 'Horror' that grabs you right by the franks and beans and really clenches tight. At 2:06 into the song the guitar drops into this riff that would give Scott Ian a woody. Sadly the riff isn't really given time to breathe before the six string gunner jumps back into the main riff of the song. I really enjoyed that little breakdown.

Most of the songs follow the same pattern and sort of blend together. The final track 'Dream Eater' breaks from these shackles and starts out slowly and builds before it finds the band in familiar territory. It also is the only song to really use a back-up vocal, again helping the song to stand out as a fave on this record. There are several layers to this song and some really cool guitar parts. I'd have to say that although it is the last song on the record it is by far my favorite.

My biggest complaint is that the vocals are not very dynamic on most of the songs and the singer uses the same angry blown-out scream on every song without any change up in his delivery. The vocal arrangements only vary slightly and I find this to be a bit distracting. The exception to this, again being the last tune on the platter.

Overall I'm pretty happy that I was turned out to this record. The dark hardcore / crust punk that these dudes play will be sure to stick with me for a while.

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