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BAND: Endabler-Drainland
ALBUM: Split 7"
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Attucks
Mar 19 2012

ENABLER busts out two songs of metallic fueled, melodic hardcore straight out of Milwaukee. Mid-pitched monotone screams tell a tale of depravation and woe as down tuned guitars thunder in the background. They come off slightly Emo to me, maybe it's the vocals. There are no happy sentiments to make you feel better at the end of the day on this one. Right off the bat the charging double bass on Enabler's first song 'Drop Out' makes you know you are in for some serious heavy noise. Both songs feature hardcore style breakdowns amongst a ton of other tempo changes. The blast beats mixed with the slower crunchy bits in the second song 'Fuck Today' make it my favorite of the two. The only down side to this side of the split is that it is slightly generic, in that there is nothing really original about it. Oh, and the guitar tones fall a little short. Just a bit too much tin and not enough oomph, but the drums and vocals are mixed nicely.

Ireland's DRAINLAND is sludgy doom mixed with hardcore but the fast parts have more of a punk feel them, killer tempo. I really like the female vocal track that comes in over the guttural, bottom end screams. I noticed that there was some other noise going on in the background and I imagine that is what is meant by "electronics" in the liner notes. I enjoyed this side of the record, maybe it was the simplistic heaviness of the song or the good contrast of the riffs. They play a really well written song without being too tech or going the other way and boring me. Good melodies good riff, good song. Maybe I would describe them as a really tuned down ANTISCHISM with a bunch of noise added in.

The record has a super basic setup for the cover and inside layout. For me it's too basic. Give me something!!! There are no words on the cover of the split so good luck finding this one.

Enabler - Live In Appleton, WI by xfghfghf


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