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ALBUM: Split Cassette
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Aug 11 2011

ENABLER are back, they were just recently reviewed in the pages of THRASHEAD (you check out that review here).

ENABLER continue where they left off with dark hardcore that hiccups blats of grind here and there just to mix things up.

The rawness of the guitars makes the hair on my nape stand up and the double bass really gets me right by the goat.  The more I listen to these dudes the more stoked I get.  There is so much raw fury bursting from the speakers that I can hardly get this typed out.  SHIT!

'False Prophet' is an attack on Christianity and the chorus of "no one is coming back from the dead" is so right on and moving.  With my fist in the air I chant along!

Four songs make up their side of the tape and then it's time to for some ABASSADOR GUN.

AG (if you will...) also play intense as fuck hardcore with surprise attacks of grind.  Some might actually consider them as a grind band over a hardcore band but most of the stuff is spent bursting out in an enraged hardcore fit.

Their sound overall is more chaotic and noisy but with a cool groove behind it that gets the head banging.  This is so intense I feel like throwing this fucking computer and setting the house on fire.  As I was driving home today I was cranking this and I just want to speed and demolition derby all the assholes around me in their fucking yuppie cars.  DAMNIT!

The guitar is crusty and fuzzy and distorted and does some crazy noise shit and then jams some sick riffs and some crazy noisy shit and then more sick riffs while the drummer just beats those drums like a Denver cop on drunk college kid in LoDo.

And cassettes rule!

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