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BAND: Elm Street
ALBUM: Barbed Wire Metal
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Nov 17 2011

ELM STREET is Massacre Records latest entry into the retro-thrash metal sweepstakes and frankly I think they might have a bit of a winner here!

"Barbed Wire Metal' kicks off with the title track and is a face-melter right out of the gates! The vocals are gruff and metal and there are plenty of gang-chorus backups to keep even the most frenzied of moshers singing along, fist in the air as they skank around the pit.

Overall ELM STREETS sound is based in thrash metal but the cleanliness of most of it really introduces a heavy power metal influence. The riffs are badass and the album is full of hooks and as I already mentioned shout along choruses, but the clean production really robs ELM STREET of some of the power that I am sure they are able to display in the live setting.

Lyrically the subject matter seems pretty immature but super fucking metal and that is alright by me. If I want heavily politics there are bands I know to go to for that. If I want to put my fist in the air and chant "Back from hell – Elm Street Children! Back from hell" these are the dudes I need to be cranking. Fuck dude, if I was 15 again I would be shitting right now at the totality of the metallic splendor these dudes deliver. These dudes are corny in that 80's way that was so bitchen' at the same time! With song titles like 'Barbed Wire Metal', 'Heavy Metal Power' and 'Metal is the Way' there is no denying where these rockers are coming from. It's pretty clear that this ain't no bullshit.

The cover art is total Repka. He is probably the second most important cover artist in metal, the first being the legendary Derek Riggs. It's totally fucking metal with the skull headed rocker dude on a motorcycle mowing over 1%ers . Hell yeah! That's no fucking around and cool as shit!

In the end, as mentioned above, my criticism lives in the way too clean production as it robs them of their thrash giving them just a bit too much of that glorious power metal polish. One thing is for sure though, these dudes like metal.

Elm Street - Barbed Wire Metal (Official Video) by metalelmstreet

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